BREAKING: ‘Trans Lives Matter’ Activists Invade Oklahoma State Capitol Building To Protest Against GOP Legislation Which Prohibits Gender-Affirming Surgery For Individuals Under 21

Credits: Wikipedia, AP

On Monday, The “Trans Lives Matter” activists invaded the State Capitol building of Oklahoma. The protesters took over the interior rotunda opposing the new legislation that curbs gender-affirming surgical procedures for youngsters.

The activists from “Oklahomans For Equality and Freedom Oklahoma” began protesting outside the Capitol building and then proceeded indoors.

The Oklahoma Capitol building is a tourist place that is open to the public as well. However, it is still unknown whether the protesters who entered the building were peaceful as the videos clearly show them shouting and chanting.

The activists conducted the protest to oppose the latest legislation that GOP Gov. Kevin Stitt is backing. 

Some legislations recommend that state funds must not be utilized for gender-reaffirming surgical procedures or care for youngsters under 18.

The legislation, Senate Bill 129, puts more limitations and proposes a complete ban on gender-transitioning treatments for individuals under 26 and penalizes those doctors who perform such practices. 

The physicians can lose their licenses, in addition, they could also be looking at criminal prosecution. 

The State Legislature of Oklahoma is yet to vote on the legislation.

The management of Monday’s event claims that the bill is “genocide” as it limits the youngsters from obtaining gender care services that will ultimately push them towards “suicide.”

A few medical experts believe this bill will also force doctors to leave the state.

Last night, during the State of the State address Stitt repeated his plans and demanded the state legislature implement the bill.

Stitt stated:

“We must protect our most vulnerable – our children. After all, minors can’t vote, can’t purchase alcohol, can’t purchase cigarettes… we shouldn’t allow a minor to get permanent gender-altering surgery in Oklahoma. That’s why I am calling on the Legislature to send me a bill that bans all gender transition surgeries and hormone therapies on minors in the state!”

He added: 

“As governor, I will never shy away from calling out right from wrong. I will not be intimidated by partisan interest groups or make decisions based on groupthink. I will continue my responsibility to lead, not follow. I ran for this office five years ago because I was tired of seeing other states succeed while ours got left behind.” 

The protesters demanded open access for youngsters of any age to consult such medical treatments freely. 

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