Breaking: Top Republicans Devise Plan To Win Elections Using The Florida Model Nationwide, ‘This Is Obvious To Everyone Now’

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Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, has figured it out. As one of our nation’s top patriots, he knows what it takes to win. And he’s very good at it.

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Many of the leaders in the Republican Party believe that its aversion to mail-in voting has damaged their ability to win elections and now they are prepared to embrace it, Time Magazine reported.

“One of the first lessons we have to take from the midterms is the power of early voting. Florida is able to do it efficiently and securely. DeSantis barely lost ‘Early by Mail’ and mopped the floor with ‘Early in Person’ drop-offs 61% to 38%,” Charlie Kirk said on Twitter.

“Telling everyone to vote in-person on ED opens you to traffic jams and machine malfunctions like what happened in Maricopa County. If and when that happens, there’s no rewinding time to change your strategy. You’re at the mercy of the courts and voters’ own schedules,” he said.

Maricopa County in Arizona is currently under investigation for fraud in its last gubernatorial election.

“We simply have to beat them at this VBM game, and rely less on ED voting as a party. Not a new thought — this is obvious to everyone now. I intend to spend a substantial part of my time and energy these next few years helping make that happen,” Arizona Republican Senate candidate Blake Masters said.

Masters lost his senate election in Arizona, and by the looks of things, he’s not ready to give up. Like a true patriot, he’s going to stick around and make sure other conservatives have a solid path to victory.

Newt Gingrich said this: “You have to play the game by the rules that are existing.”

“That means, for example, if you want Generation Z voters you’ve got to be on TikTok, even if in fact in the long run we may abolish TikTok as a Chinese communist device,” the former Speaker said.

“It means that you have to recognize early voting. It doesn’t do Republicans any good to save their TV money until October if they’ve had a third of the vote come in in September,” he said.

But former President Donald Trump still does not believe in mail-in voting and has continued to share that message.


“Our voters need to vote early,” Republican Party Chair Ronna McDaniel said. “There were many in 2020 saying, ‘Don’t vote by mail, don’t vote early,’ and we have to stop that and understand that if Democrats are getting ballots in for a month, we can’t expect to get it all done in one day.”

Harmeet Dhillon, a former Trump attorney and former skeptic of voting by mail, has changed her mind.

DeSantis used this system to destroy his liberal attackers in Florida. All conservatives need to have an open mind about early voting. . . including Donald Trump.

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