Breaking: Top Republican Kevin McCarthy Announces Subpoenas For 51 Intelligence Agents Who Covered Up The Hunter Biden Scandal

Greg Nash

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In the aftermath of a rather lukewarm showing by the Republicans during the mid terms, there might still be a few GOP victories in store down the line. We have already reported on former Democrat Kyrsten Sinema leaving the party and becoming an independent, thereby costing the Dems one of their cherished seats on the Senate. To say nothing of the “off the books” victory the Conservatives as a whole are enjoying courtesy of Elon Musk.

Well, it is now being reported by the New York Post that:

House Minority Leader ​Kevin McCarthy has  ​vowed to subpoena 51 former intelligence officials who called The Post’s Hunter Biden expose Russian disinformation in the wake of the “Twitter Files” revelations about how the social media colossus censored the reporting. ​

The California Republican — who is expected to become speaker when the GOP takes control of the House of Representatives in January — said what Twitter did with The Post’s bombshell October 2020 report was “egregious.” 

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“Those 51 intel agents that signed a letter that said the Hunter Biden information was all wrong, was Russia collusion, many of them have a security clearance,” McCarthy said on Fox News’ “One Nation” on Saturday.

The New York Post went on to report that:

“We’re going to bring them before a committee. I’m going to have them have a hearing​,​ bring them and subpoena them before a committee. Why did they sign it? Why did they lie to the American public?” he said.  

Former CIA Director John Brennan and ex-National Security Council Director James Clapper were among a group of former intelligence officials who signed a statement days after the expose, claiming it “has all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.”  

McCarthy questioned the move.

“Why did you use the reputation that America was able to give to you … but use it for a political purpose and lie to the American public?” he said on Fox. 

Republicans are preparing to launch a number of investigations into the Biden family as a result of The Post’s reporting about Hunter Biden’s overseas business relationships while his father was vice president in the Obama administration.

It was further reported by The Hill that:

McCarthy said of the signatories that he’ll “bring them and subpoena them before a committee” when the GOP takes control of the House in the next Congress. 

The House GOP leader also called for further investigation into Facebook and Google, saying “this is egregious, what we’re finding” and calling the platforms “an arm of the Democratic party.” 

The Hill further reported that:

Republican lawmakers have pledged to investigate Hunter Biden’s business dealings to question whether his foreign ties have influenced his father.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) called on McCarthy to kickstart a House select committee focused on probing the Bidens’ business dealings.

McCarthy won the House GOP nomination for Speaker in the next Congress, but 31 of his fellow Republicans voted against him, and it remains unclear if he’ll have the votes to become speaker when the new Congress convenes next month.

So, it might come to pass that the Republicans might be late victors in the ongoing culture war. In fact, just last month, McCarthy dropped another bomb. We reported that he just put Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell , among others, on notice today on Fox News promising to follow through on his vow to remove them from their congressional committees when Republicans retake control in the new Congress. He has also promised similar reprisals against Representative Ilhan Omar.

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