Breaking: “This One Is Really Important… “, Candace Owens Makes A Massive Announcement Over Recent Court Ruling 


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Daily Wire conservative commentator and podcaster, Candace Owens, is never at a loss for words and she is quick to call people out for wrongdoing and hypocrisy. 

And, it doesn’t matter if she agrees with your politics or not. 

Case in point, Kimberly Klacik, GOP candidate running for Maryland’s 7th congressional district in 2020, caught Owen’s attention for alleged campaign fraud and money laundering. 

Owens accused her of both and contended that Klacik’s charity, Potential Me, was illegitimate. 

Owens posted a 44-minute video on Instagram outlining all of her accusations against Klacik even saying that Klacik was enlisting strippers to work in her husband’s nightclub. 

Klacik vehemently denies Owens’ accusations. Her lawyer made a statement saying, “Baseless character assassination has no place in political dialogue.”

He said Owens used her massive social media platform to attack “a respected Baltimore political figure.” 

Klacik took the matter to court and attempted to sue Owens for defamation. 

“Owens leveled her claims on June 22, 2021, in a 44-minute Instagram video, warning conservatives that Klacik was not to be trusted. In a suit initially filed in Baltimore County and later moved to Tennessee, Klacik claimed Owens’ disclosures about her cost her lucrative financial opportunities, including a book deal and a contract with a ‘nationally recognized vendor,’” the Baltimore Sun reported. 

Klacik agreed to end the case against Owens after an 18-month battle but the judge didn’t let Klacik off that easily. 

He dismissed the case but ordered Klacik to pay Owens’ legal fees in the amount of $115,000.

From the Daily Wire: 

“Klacik, who first made headlines in 2020 while running for a Baltimore-area House seat with a viral video of her walking through the city’s slums, sued Owens in 2021 after Owens said she committed campaign fraud and money laundering, took drugs, and had worked at a strip club. The $20 million suit, filed in Davidson County, Tennessee, had been working its way toward a hearing on Owens’ motion for dismissal when Klacik did an about-face and stipulated to an agreement ending her case which was then signed off on by the judge and reviewed by The Daily Wire.”

Earlier this year, the two women had another social media dust-up when Klacik claimed on Twitter that the judge in the case ruled in her favor after Owens filed a motion to dismiss. 

Owens says no such thing occurred. There was no court hearing and Owens let her Instagram followers know. She said, “This level of lying is actually incomprehensible to me. You realize that Kim Klacik is lying now on a judge that is currently presiding over a case. How does that person possess the audacity to disrespect a judge and to do so in public?”

As political commentators, it’s too easy to get caught up in protecting the people who are on “your side” even when they are doing something wrong.

Good for Candace for saving a Maryland district from sending another corrupt politician to Congress. 

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