BREAKING: The State Of Arizona Is As Of Now On High Alert Due To High Concerns From And Of Russian Cyberattacks

Photo Source: Russian general bragged about cyber warfare to destabilize other nations – CBS News

With Russia and Ukraine at war, a state in the United States is suddenly on high alert. The Arizona Department of Homeland Security is on high alert for Russian cyberattacks, and the agency’s director, Tim Roemer, stated that the state’s Cyber Command Center is carefully watching the conflict, according to 3 On Your Side. “We must be ready for the worst,” he remarked

“The worst-case scenario may be any of a number of things. If a cyberattack was effective on key infrastructure, such as a pipeline, water, or electricity sector, those sorts of services may be disrupted in a city, county, or state for hours or even days.”

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“I think it’s really important for people to understand that the United States as a whole is highly cyber resilient, and we’re really energy resilient,” he added. “It is critical that people do not panic. We don’t want the customer reaction to be as bad as the cyberattack or the disaster itself.”

Every month, Arizona confronts 5 to 7 million cyberthreats from a variety of attackers on the state’s network. Most are automatically prevented, but around 2,000 are classified as “advanced threats” and must be probed by the authorities.

“We’re being targeted every day, every day — even before Russia’s unjustified invasion on Ukraine,” Roemer added. “That was already happening, so the potential of it growing into something worse is pretty high.”

According to Roemer, it is vital for individuals to utilize two-factor authentication and update software on their devices to correct vulnerabilities. Clicking on links in emails and SMS messages from unknown senders should also be avoided.

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“These groups target you in your personal life; they attempt to gain access to certain accounts.” “They’re hoping you’ll use the same passwords at work,” he explained.

“If you’re the sort of person who works for a financial institution, a healthcare provider, or an energy firm, you’ve taken your personal life and allowed it to jeopardize your employment, as well as maybe the state and the nation.” That is why being watchful in all aspects of your life, from personal to professional, may make a significant impact.”

However, Arizona is not the only state that should be concerned about a potential cyber assault. “I’m continuing to receive briefings on the cyber aspects of Russia’s strike.” “This is not something to take lightly – cyber assaults have no boundaries,” said Virginia Democrat Sen. Mark R. Warner.

“I’m in frequent communication with intelligence leaders and will continue to be informed on this.” “The US stands with the Ukrainian people and continues dedicated to supporting their sovereignty – @POTUS did the right thing by extending humanitarian aid,” he added. However, Russia is not the only country capable of conducting cyber strikes. According to NBC News, President Joe Biden was briefed this week on potential cyber assaults the US may launch against Russia.

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