Breaking: Texas Republicans Deliver Major Declaration Against Joe Biden, “Texas Leadership Is Right To Use All Powers Under Their Authority To Defend… “

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Anyone who is paying attention knows that A.) We don’t have a secure southern border. B.)Joe Biden has not been to the border even though Karine Jean-Pierre claims otherwise. And C.)There are not more important things going on, as Biden told us a few days ago. 

Texas GOP lawmakers have finally decided that they’re going to go over the president’s head and do something about the border crisis we’ve been dealing with since Biden was inaugurated. 

They released what they’re calling a blueprint for a secure border, ‘Commitment to Secure the Border: a Framework by Texans for Texans.’

In it they wrote: 

“More than 4 million individuals have been encountered at our southern border since President Biden took office. The Biden administration has released between 1-2 million of these individuals into the interior – not including approximately 1 million known “gotaways” since the start of FY21.

“At least 98 people on the terrorist screening database were apprehended in FY22. Further, more than 24,000 lbs. of fentanyl have been seized since President Biden took office. Texans are in imminent danger, and Texas leadership is right to use all powers under their authority to defend Texas’ border and its citizens. Taxpayers in Texas are spending more than $3 billion on border security operations. 

“Texans are being pummeled by a nearly two-year-long border surge – left to defend their lives and their property against violent criminals and murderous cartels. 

“Fentanyl is killing tens of thousands of Americans and cartel-fueled crime is surging across the country. Customs and Border Protection agents and officers are strapped and hamstrung – rendered incapable of fulfilling their duties.”

They reiterated that House Republicans are prioritizing a commitment to keep our country safe and as Texans, they’re offering solutions to reach the goals of the Commitment to America. 

The document continued:

“We will not stand by while the Biden Administration knowingly pushes disastrous policies with complete disregard for what our state and country are enduring. We commit to paying Texas back for border operations and damages. 

“We commit to forcing the administration to enforce our current laws and to leverage the power of the purse to ensure that it does.”

The security of our nation should be the top priority of any president. We don’t have a border to our south. It’s just a suggestion at this point. 

Biden went to Arizona this week to visit the site of a new computer chip plant. He was so close and still refused to visit the southern border. 

He’s had time for 59 trips to Delaware but no time to check on the massive crisis at the border. 

Terrorists, criminals, and lethal drugs pour into our country every day. Individuals are trafficked for sex and money. 

Border patrol agents put their lives on the line with zero support from the Biden administration. 

How much longer can this go on? 

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