BREAKING: Swimming Organization BANS Transgenders From Competing In Women’s Swimming

Transgender athletes competing in sports has been a massive topic of controversy in the United States of America. Lia Thomas, UPenn transgender swimming athlete brought national attention to this problem. Many believe that it unfair for transgender athletes to compete due to their biological advantage.

FINA, a swimming organization has weighed on the controversy and made a decision to restrict transgender athletes from competing in women’s swimming.

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Newsmax reported:

Swimming’s world governing body FINA on Sunday voted to restrict the participation of transgender athletes in elite women’s competitions and create a working group to establish an “open” category for them in some events as part of its new policy.

Transgender rights has become a major talking point as sports seek to balance inclusivity while ensuring there is no unfair advantage.

The debate intensified after University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas became the first transgender NCAA champion in Division I history after winning the women’s 500-yard freestyle earlier this year.

Lia Thomas has shown interest in becoming an Olympic athlete and this has further contributed to the problem.

Breitbart further reported:

Seventy-one percent of Fina’s 152 members voted at its general congress to implement this new rule.

Fina tried to color the new policy as a way to implement “full inclusion” but not at the cost of “competitive fairness.”

“Fina’s approach in drafting this policy was comprehensive, science-based and inclusive, and, importantly, Fina’s approach emphasized competitive fairness,” said Fina executive director Brent Nowicki.

At the end of the day fairness and equality triumphs all.

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