BREAKING: Supreme Court Justice John Roberts Delvers Massive Ruling On House Dems Trying To Get Trump’s Tax Returns


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Yes, you read that right. The Democrats are still trying to get their hands on Trump’s tax returns. 

Congressional Democrats and the former president have been embroiled in a legal battle over his tax returns for a number of years. 

Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal, a Democrat from Massachusetts, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have made public statements about their mission to obtain the 45th president’s financial records. 

Neal made the request to the IRS in 2019 asking for several years of tax returns and other information related to Trump and some of his business holdings. 

Trump’s legal team alleges that Democrats seek to expose his “tax information to the public for the sake of exposure.”

Federal law allows Congress to request tax information from the IRS of “certain individuals.” Neal’s request was made under this law. 

The Treasury Department declined to comply with Neal’s request at the time. They claimed it was not supported by a “legitimate legislative purpose.” 

The committee did not back down and decided to sue the IRS and Treasury Department in an effort to force them to hand over the records.

As the legal battle raged on, President Biden took office and Neal renewed his request for tax returns from 2015 to 2020. 

According to CNN, “The case moved slowly until 2021, when, under the Biden administration, the Justice Department changed its legal posture and concluded the IRS was obligated to comply with the committee’s request.”

The Biden administration ordered the Treasury Department to give the records to Congress. This time, they agreed. 

Trump’s legal team unsuccessfully sought to block the release by claiming that the request was “unconstitutional and lacked a valid legislative purpose.” 

On Monday of this week, Trump filed an emergency appeal with the Supreme Court in an effort to stop the House Ways & Means Committee from obtaining his tax returns. 

This was in response to the D.C. Circut court’s earlier ruling granting access to the Democrats on the committee.

Supreme Court Justice John Roberts temporarily blocked House Democrats from getting the tax returns they wish to obtain.

He issued a temporary stay that puts the lower court ruling on hold while the full Supreme Court looks at Trump’s request to decide whether to honor it or not. 

ScotusBlog read: “John Roberts has granted a temporary “administrative” stay in Trump’s bid to stop a House committee from obtaining his tax returns. This is not a ruling on the merits of Trump’s request; it merely keeps the lower-court ruling on hold while SCOTUS considers the request.”

This is only one of many legal battles Trump has had in regard to his financial records. 

In 2019, his accounting firm, Mazars, was issued a subpoena from the House Oversight and Reform Committee for his financial records. The legal battle made it all the way to the Supreme Court. 

The case was sent back to the lower courts where a settlement was reached, ending the litigation in September. 

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  1. I think the democrats trying to get Trumps info should do their own dirty laundry and explain how they have so much money. Us people on social security could use some extra money.

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