BREAKING: “Send Your Prayers Up”; Prominent Conservative Candace Owens Delivers Personal News To Her Fans

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Seldom a week goes by when Candace Owens isn’t in the news for one reason or another. It won’t soon be forgotten when Owens generated a firestorm of controversy when she famously said the George Floyd was not a hero following his murder in 2020.

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Later on, she drew more than a decent amount of attention when she mocked Harry Styles’, let’s call it dubious, decision, to wear a dress on the cover of Vogue, when she said that society needs to resuscitate manliness in men.

Conservative commentator Candace Owens announced on Tuesday that she is pregnant with her second child.

It was recently reported:

Owens made the announcement on social media with photos of her family and captioned the post with lyrics to a Jordan Davis song titled “Buy Dirt.”

“Do what you love and call it work, Throw a little money in the plate at church, Send your prayers up and your roots down deep, And add a few limbs to your family tree…,” the lyrics read.

Owens closed her uncharacteristically non-bombastic post with the hashtags “#FamilyofFour” and “#July2022.”

Earlier this week, Owens was in full form when she went after Dwayne Johnson after he retracted his previously stalwart support of famous podcast host, Joe Rogan.

Initially, The Rock gave fairly full-throated support for Rogan after leftist activists with too much time on their hands, pushed to have Rogan removed from Spotify. After a series of contextually wrenched and edited videos showed Rogan’s use of the “N-Word”, The Rock changed his mind.

Following the tweet, Owens went after Johnson as well as a slew of other celebrities who decided to walk back their support of Rogan.

“The Rock turning his back on Joe Rogan is so emblematic of why these fickle Hollywood types are never to be taken seriously,” she said. “Remember fellas—routine steroid injections does not make someone a man.”

“Isn’t it weird how everyone calling Joe Rogan racist is white while black people keep coming out of the woodwork to defend him? It’s almost like everything I’ve said about white liberals using racism as a political tool to take down people they despise is completely correct,” she said in another tweet.

In response to the controversy, Daniel Ek, the CEO of Spotify wisely said that they will go ahead and keep their cash cow in Rogan happy and will not be silencing him

In a statement released late on Sunday, Ek said the company would stand by Rogan after he apologized.

“While I strongly condemn what Joe has said and I agree with his decision to remove past episodes from our platform, I realize some will want more. And I want to make one point very clear – I do not believe that silencing Joe is the answer,” Ek said. “We should have clear lines around content and take action when they are crossed, but canceling voices is a slippery slope. Looking at the issue more broadly, it’s critical thinking and open debate that powers real and necessary progress.”

Ek’s statement continued:

Another criticism that I continue to hear from many of you is that it’s not just about The Joe Rogan Experience on Spotify; it comes down to our direct relationship with him. In last week’s Town Hall, I outlined to you that we are not the publisher of JRE. But perception due to our exclusive license implies otherwise. So I’ve been wrestling with how this perception squares with our values.

If we believe in having an open platform as a core value of the company, then we must also believe in elevating all types of creators, including those from underrepresented communities and a diversity of backgrounds. We’ve been doing a great deal of work in this area already but I think we can do even more. So I am committing to an incremental investment of $100 million for the licensing, development, and marketing of music (artists and songwriters) and audio content from historically marginalized groups. This will dramatically increase our efforts in these areas. While some might want us to pursue a different path, I believe that more speech on more issues can be highly effective in improving the status quo and enhancing the conversation altogether.

I deeply regret that you are carrying so much of this burden. I also want to be transparent in setting the expectation that in order to achieve our goal of becoming the global audio platform, these kinds of disputes will be inevitable. For me, I come back to centering on our mission of unlocking the potential of human creativity and enabling more than a billion people to enjoy the work of what we think will be more than 50 million creators. That mission makes these clashes worth the effort.

I’ve told you several times over the last week, but I think it’s critical we listen carefully to one another and consider how we can and should do better. I’ve spent this time having lots of conversations with people inside and outside of Spotify – some have been supportive while others have been incredibly hard, but all of them have made me think.

One of the things I am thinking about is what additional steps we can take to further balance creator expression with user safety. I’ve asked our teams to expand the number of outside experts we consult with on these efforts and look forward to sharing more details.

Your passion for this company and our mission has made a difference in the lives of so many listeners and creators around the world. I hope you won’t lose sight of that. It’s that ability to focus and improve Spotify even on some of our toughest days that has helped us build the platform we have. We have a clear opportunity to learn and grow together from this challenge and I am ready to meet it head-on.

I know it is difficult to have these conversations play out so publicly, and I continue to encourage you to reach out to your leaders, your HR partners, or me directly if you need support or resources for yourself or your team.

It seems that there have been two victories for Owens this week. The first, and most obvious, is her little healthy bundle. The second is the bravery that Spotify has shown in shunning the cancel culture mob and keeping Joe Rogan on the platform. Not bad, Mrs. Owens, not bad.

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  1. When blacks stop using the N word then other races will not pick it up! Hearing it constantantly from black people everyone picked it up as being appropriate language and repeated it!

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