BREAKING: Republicans And Massie File A Lawsuit Against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Over Mask Fines, Calling Her “A Tyrant And A Hypocrite”

Photo Source: Thelocalreport

U.S. Representative Thomas Massie of Kentucky as well as several Republicans have filed a lawsuit against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over the mask mandates in Congress. Massie presented the findings during an appearance on “Fox & Friends,” going to accuse Pelosi of breaching the Constitution by fining members of Congress who do not wear a mask within the US Capitol. A federal judge heard oral arguments in the lawsuit earlier this month and is now expected to make a prompt decision soon.

“Nancy Pelosi is a hypocrite as well as a tyrant.” And she has one set of rules for herself and another set for the rest of the House,” Massie addressed in the given statement. “She has taken money directly from our paycheck, which is a clear violation of the law.” Now, I understand that many people are opposed to congressmen’s wages being lowered, but whatever she can do to us, she will do to the general public. That’s what I understood last summer when ten of us walked down to the floor and shamelessly and openly broke the mask rule,” he made a point of saying.

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“However, she’s either not very bright or doesn’t have excellent counsel since she violated both the 27th Amendment and the basic Constitution, both of which state that we can’t modify our own pay,” he stated. Republicans sued Pelosi over House proxy voting this summer. The action was dismissed by a federal appeals court. A three-judge panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia unanimously decided that courts do not have authority under the Constitution to intervene in rules and processes enacted by Congress in a 12-page judgment.

The lawsuit was brought by Republicans to overturn Pelosi’s proxy voting system, which was created by the House to allow for distant legislating due to the coronavirus. On behalf of the panel, Sri Srinivasan, the court’s top judge, wrote, “The district court rejected the claim for lack of jurisdiction.” “The court determined that the resolution and its execution are covered by the Constitution’s Speech or Debate Clause immunity for legislative activities.” We concur, and we thus uphold the district court’s dismissal of the case,” Srinivasan added.

Pelosi has offered legislators the option of voting on bills in person or by proxy during the epidemic, which means they don’t have to be physically present in the Capitol if they choose another politician to vote on their behalf. Several Republican members of Congress have spoken out against the use of proxy voting. “By doing this, Democrats, in particular, are killing the institution – we don’t meet, discuss, or amend.” “However, a lot of my Republican colleagues have now become accomplices in the Democrats’ irresponsibility,” Texas GOP Rep. Chip Roy remarked in March.

“They sign a letter stating, ‘Due to the pandemic or the health situation, I am unable to vote in person,'” Wisconsin Republican Rep. Mike Gallagher said. “However, we’re aware that they’ll be attending other activities,” he stated. “On Friday, we had a group of Republicans attend CPAC. Democrats have taken advantage of this. On fly-out days, the numbers increase.”

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“I am deeply afraid that proxy voting will now become a permanent part of Congress, implying that Congress will be perpetually broken and phony in many respects,” Gallagher continued. People may act as though they’re working while travelling around the nation, raising money, and boosting their social media presence.”

“On this day about a year ago, you decided to close the Capitol to visitors and begin adopting new regulations to manage access and movement of members and personnel of the Capitol complex. But we’ve learned a lot more about the virus since then, and we’ve made huge progress in our scientific and technical initiatives,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said in a statement earlier this year.

After House Speaker Nancy Pelosi dismissed the lawmakers’ pleas, the legislators launched the lawsuit. House Sergeant at Arms William Walker and Chief Administrative Officer Catherine Szpindor are also named in the complaint. Mr. Massie claimed that the fines were unlawful because they were deducted directly from politicians’ salary, a violation of the 27th Amendment, he claimed.

The 27th Amendment forbids changes to congressional remuneration during the House’s two-year term, which is now in session. Mrs. Greene said the demand was hypocritical since Mrs. Pelosi was photographed without a mask on the same day that the Georgia congressman was fined for breaking House rules. Hopefully, lawmakers will have a decent chance of defeating this legislation, which has no good intentions and rips apart the constitution.

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