Breaking: President Biden, Oldest President in US History, to Officially Announce Re-Election Campaign Next Week

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The question of whether or not President Joe Biden will seek a second term has been swirling around political circles for months. 

Some have speculated that the Democrats are trying to push him out amid the classified documents scandal and the foreign business dealing revelations. Remember 10% for the Big Guy? 

Others have opined that Biden is not going to run but is holding out on making that announcement so that it is too late for Vice President Harris to get a campaign up and running. 

But according to NBC News, “President Joe Biden is preparing to make his intention to seek a second term official next week, with advisers planning to launch his re-election campaign as soon as Tuesday, three sources familiar with the plans said.”

“A Tuesday announcement by Biden, 80, would come four years to the day after his 2020 campaign launch. One of the sources on Thursday cautioned that the exact timing could change.”

“We’ll announce it relatively soon,” Biden said to reporters last Friday when asked about a campaign announcement. “I told you my plan is to run again.”

Biden has “struggled with low public approval ratings, with a Reuters/Ipsos poll completed on Sunday showing that just 39% of Americans approve of his job performance.”

“While Biden faces little serious competition for the Democratic nomination, 45% of Democrats responding to a March Reuters/Ipsos poll said they thought he should not run again in 2024, with 48% saying he should,” an article from Reuters reads. 

While it is unusual for an incumbent president to face primary challenges, environmental lawyer Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and “spiritual guru” Marianne Williamson have joined the race. 


Biden plans to campaign on his record in the 27 months since he took over from Trump.

That includes winning Congress’ approval for billions of dollars in federal funds to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic and for infrastructure, restoring what his supporters see as civility to the White House, and overseeing the lowest levels of unemployment since 1969, although a 40-year high in inflation has marred his economic record.

While most of his accomplishments have been disastrous for the nation, those in his camp see them as wins. 

NBC News said the president is “likely to follow the precedent of other incumbents by employing something of a Rose Garden strategy for much of this year.” 

Reuters disagrees. An article posted on its website said, “Unlike the heavily virtual 2020 campaign due to the pandemic, a 2024 campaign would require him to travel to the handful of key states spread across the country that is expected to again be competitive, from Arizona to Pennsylvania.”

Biden’s advisors caution that next week’s announcement is not official saying that “nothing is official until Biden announces it himself.”

That’s difficult to believe given that Biden has many times said he has to do “what they tell me.” 

The president’s age and competency should be a huge factor in the upcoming presidential race. If you decide to ignore it, you’re not a serious person. 

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