Breaking: Parents Furious With A California School District Following The Accusations Of Secret Counseling To Student About Gender Transition

Credit: Fox News

A California school district is being sued for allegedly violating parental rights by secretly trying to transition an 11-year-old’s gender.

The school district is facing the wrath of local parents who are demanding transparency and they are asking school officials to not keep them in the dark on matters that include their children.

Seats were full at this past week’s Board of Education meeting for the Chico Unified School District in Northern California. A major point of debate was that critics have named the district’s “Parental Secret Policy”.

Under the policy, based on guidance from the California Department of Education, the district’s 23 schools only inform parents of the child pursuing or considering a gender transition with the student’s prior written consent, except in extraordinary cases or situations.

Proponents argue that the policy is meant to protect the student’s privacy.

Last month, local mother Aurora Regino filed a lawsuit against the district. She specifically sued Superintendent Kelly Staley and the Board of Education’s five members and alleged that her daughter’s school was helping her daughter to transition her gender in secret without parental consent during the 2021-2022 school year.

“They were talking to my daughter about different support groups in town to help her with her transition and then discussed breast binding with my daughter that I did not know,” Regino told Fox News’ Claudia Cowan.

“I just want them to stop — stop keeping parents in the dark.”

The alleged secret transitioning began after the daughter, a fifth-grader at the time, told a counselor that she “felt like a boy”, according to the complaint filed by Regina’s attorneys. Regino has said that her daughter, who now identifies as a female again, was given a boy’s name and identity by the counselor without her knowledge.

Many parents shared in Regino’s anger and bewilderment.

“I’m here speaking on behalf of parental rights,” said one local parent named Michelle. “Schools, teachers, counselors, and staff do not have the right to keep families in the dark as to what is going on with their child. Parents’ rights are fundamental and supreme. Schools need to support the family unit, not try and replace it … These are our children, not yours. We know what’s best for them, not you.”

Another parent named Taylor surged that the confusion over gender is way too complex of an issue to leave up to a child and their counselor.

“It is not in our children’s best interest to confuse them about topics that are beyond their mental capacity to grasp and to furthermore encourage our vulnerable and impressionable children to reconsider their gender behind their parents’ backs,” she told the Board of Education.

“We entrust our students to your hands, and we would like to know that we could be kept in the loop about our children’s wellbeing. Transparency is key in these formative years.”

The school policy in question comes from California state law designed to protect transgender students from discrimination.

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