Breaking: Over 60,000 Incorrect Ballots Were Sent To This Arizona County Due to “Human Error”

Credit: chicagosuntimes.com

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During the 2020 Presidential Election, Arizona was one of the states heavily contested. Claims of voter fraud occurred all over the state. Biden narrowly beat Trump by just 10,457 votes. The state took nearly four weeks to certify the November 3rd election after an official hand recount.

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The 2024 mid-term elections are less than three months away and Arizona is already experiencing controversy with mail-in ballots. 63,000 voters in Pinal County have received mail-in ballots with errors on the forms or have not received them.

The errors include incorrect addresses, missing election races, missing candidates, and voters receiving ballots to vote in races they are not eligible for or not receiving ballots. One voter, Rhonda Barber, told ABC15 she “never received her ballot and her mother’s ballot was missing certain things.”

Tiffany Shedd told the AZ Free News her son received his ballot so he could vote for the Casa Grande City Council race. The one problem, they don’t live in the Casa Grande and are not eligible to vote in that race.

Voter ID cards have incorrect addresses on them as well. Tiffany Shedd told the Arizona Free News when she received her voter ID card it had an address of Casa Grande, AZ. She doesn’t live in Casa Grande. She lives in Eloy, AZ. It is a problem for Shedd since is running for State Attorney General.

When Shedd tried to look into the matter, they told her she could no longer contact county election officials. Those same officials are stating the issue of incorrect addresses on both the ballots and the Voter ID cards stems from incorrect precinct address coding within the system.
Common sense should tell everyone to go in and change the addresses. However, officials are making that difficult and not explaining why. Shedd told the AZ Free news she was getting contradictory answers when attempting to change her address.

The address issue may have been a systemic computer issue and changing the address could be time-consuming within the platform. However, it appears the issue of missing races or people receiving ballots for council races they shouldn’t be voting in was indeed a human error.

Something needed to be done to address the issue as quickly as possible. The County’s solution was to send an additional 63,000 thousand ballots with corrected details. However, they have since changed their mind regarding that decision.

After the 2020 election, the state conducted an internal audit of the election. It did find initial totals and the recount totals to be consistent. However, the audit determined there were numerous discrepancies with the mail-in system. Many of those issues appear to question the integrity of the election. The issues have been ignored by state officials and national media.

Is it simple mistakes in Arizona? Is the system incorrectly coding addresses? Are the people involved making drastic but innocent errors? Perhaps we will never know. What we do know is that in this political climate, any issues with the voting system are going to come under intense scrutiny.

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