BREAKING: ‘Offensive’ Sign Mocking House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Prompts Backlash At Texas Restaurant

Photo Source: GoogleTwitter/Allison Cook

After plastering posters criticizing Nancy Pelosi and Vice President Joe Biden, a Preslee’s restaurant in Houston Heights has received blowback. Preslee’s, a restaurant in Houston Heights, is experiencing controversy this week after a couple of signs on the enormous marquee overlooking the W. 20th Street institution mocked key Democratic party members.

Both placards cited California Democratic lawmaker and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and one of them used the anti-Joe Biden slogan “Let’s Go Brandon.” “No mask needed unless you look like Nancy Pelosi,” said the first notice, which was posted on the enormous marquee overlooking the W. 20th eatery.

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This was a jab at Pelosi’s appearance on December 30, which was caught by Alison Cook of the Houston Chronicle. “Let’s Go, Brandon,” read the second sign, which carried the first Pelosi dig. The restaurant has been chastised for its placards, with some accusing it of spoiling a safe open-air eating choice by enforcing an anti-mask policy.

Customers should boycott the establishment, according to one Twitter user. Preslee’s is one of Piper Hospitality Group’s three restaurants, which was launched by Houston brothers Brandon and Justin Piper in 2019. Piper’s Cantina on Magnum Road and Piper’s BBQ & Beer on N. Shepherd Drive are the other two establishments. Preslee prides itself on providing a “true Southern experience for the entire family.”

The outcry comes as Texas state officials claim that COVID-19 has hospitalized over 7,000 Texans, more than double the number of hospitalizations reported only two weeks ago. On December 30, Alison Cook of the Houston Chronicle photographed the first sign, a big and highly lighted attack against Pelosi’s personal attractiveness.

The renowned North Downtown bar underlined its inaugural “No mask required” with the tagline “Unless you look like Nancy Pelosi.” On Tuesday, John Frels of the Houston Heights Foodies Facebook page uploaded a photo of a second Preslee’s signboard.

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This episode had similar barbs against Pelosi, as well as a “Let’s Go Brandon” remark. Although Frehl’s tweet has since been removed, photographs of the restaurant’s anti-Democrat missives have already created a reaction among diners, with some criticizing Preslee’s strong anti-mask stance as destroying a reasonably safe open-air eating choice. Others suggested that the eatery’s famed outdoor play area may be a hotspot for families with children who frequent the place.

One Twitter user advised that restaurant patrons phone the restaurant in bulk and just ask them to turn down the music. Piper Hospitality Group, created in 2019 by Houston brothers Brandon and Justin Piper, owns and operates three restaurants, including Preslee’s. Piper’s Cantina on Magnum Road and Piper’s BBQ & Beer on N. Shepherd Drive are two more Piper Hospitality ideas.

The group’s flagship, Preslee’s, bills itself as a “true Southern experience for the entire family.” More than 7,000 Texans are presently hospitalized with COVID-19, according to state health officials, which is more than quadruple the number of infected individuals documented in state hospitals just two weeks ago.

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