Breaking: NPR Faces Severe Criticism After Defending Gender-Change Surgeries For Kids And Featuring A 13-Year-Old Child Using “Puberty Blockers”

Credit: Fox News

NPR claimed recently that sex-change surgeries were under attack in Florida, and profiled a 13-year-old who incentivizes as “female and transgender” and was put on puberty blockers.

The story was titled, “Florida bans gender-affirming care for transgender youth. Parents raise concerns.” It featured parents and doctors who support “gender clinics” in Florida.

An unnamed doctor allegedly said “I don’t look good in orange” when asked by a mom if they could prescribe something more than puberty blockers for her transgender son.

NPR did not include voices on the other side of this issue, however. The article said that Governor Ron DeSantis was a major opponent of “gender-affirming” surgeries for children.

According to NPR reporter Melissa Block, DeSantis is targeting “LGBTQ rights, and has made ‘parental rights,’ especially in education, a running theme as he eyes a potential White House bid.”

DeSantis’ press secretary Bryan Griffin responded to NPR’s claims in a statement.

“NPR once again reveals their true colors as a publicly funded propaganda machine. Thanks to Governor Ron DeSantis, 2022 was the ‘Year of the Parent’ as he championed unprecedented access for parents to the materials and services provided to children in the public education system.”

He continued saying, “In Florida, we refuse to bow to a radical minority who want to encourage minor children to make life-altering decisions that have lasting and permanent ramifications, like forgoing the ability to have children. We stand for protecting our children and protecting their innocence.”

An “NPR special correspondent covering gender issues” named Block features a 13-year-old child named Liz Bostock.

The young girl started receiving puberty blockers last year, according to NPR and she is also taking Lupron shots.

The shots are intended to “pause” puberty. They are also designed “to stop menstruation or erections or to prevent further development of undesired secondary sex characteristics,” according to the Mayo Clinic.

Liz was “[a]ssigned male at birth,” according to NPR, “identified as nonbinary by fifth grade and decided to use they/them pronouns.”

However, now “Liz identifies as female and transgender,” NPR explained. 

The child’s mother, Virginia Hamner, said that “its been amazing.”

Rapid Response director for DeSantis, Christina Pushaw, mocked the story.

Author John Hawkins also responded to NPR and criticized the term “gender-affirming care.”

“Gender-affirming care’ makes about as much sense as ‘Depression-affirming care’ or ‘Schizophrenia-affirming care.’ There are few things sicker and more evil than encouraging mental illness in children.”

NPR failed to mention that many people are de-transitioning, as well.

Luka “Bunny” Hein was in her early teens when she began to be confused about her gender identity.

“It was presented both to me and my parents as, ‘This is your option to fix things or not. There’s not really any other choices. This is the track that you’re going to be on if you want to fix these things,'” said the Minnesota native. 

She was only 16 years old and went through a double mastectomy and was prescribed hormone treatments to transition from female to male.

Four years later, she completely regretted her transition and reverted back to being a female.

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