Breaking News: The Suspected Individual, Who Leaked The Recent Bunch Of Classified Documents, Got Arrested In Massachusetts

Credits: Twitter/@simonateba, @amuse, LAPRESSE

Jack Teixeira, who belonged to the Massachusetts Air National Guard, was apprehended because of his alleged connection with the recent leak of classified documents. 

Teixeira was managing a Discord group, in which he shared over a hundred classified documents, spanning from data on Ukraine to intelligence collected by spying on the allies.

The United States government was probing the origin of a leak that revealed confidential documents concerning Russian movements in Ukraine and the intelligence on U.S. allies. 

The Department of Defense and the intelligence community cooperated to determine the scope of the leaked data.

Attorney General Merrick Garland declared:

“Today, the Justice Department arrested Jack Douglas Teixeira in connection with an investigation into alleged unauthorized removal, retention and transmission of classified national defense information. Teixeira is an employee of the United States Air Force National Guard.”

It is currently unclear how an Airman belonging to the Massachusetts Air National Guard gained access to the confidential documents he released on Discord.

Teixeira may have had authorized access to the information because of his position in the Air National Guard intelligence wing. 

However, the precise nature of his position and the means by which he gained access to the documents remain unknown as the investigation into the leak continues.

Teixeira was in command of a confidential online network, Thug Shaker Central. The majority of the members were young males and adolescents.

According to the New York The Times:

[They] spoke with four members of Thug Shaker Central, one of whom said he had known the person who leaked for at least three years, had met him in person, and referred to him as the O.G. The friends described him as older than most of the group members, who were in their teens, and the undisputed leader. One of the friends said the O.G. had access to intelligence documents through his job…

Members of Thug Shaker Central who spoke to The Times said that the documents they discussed online were meant to be purely informative. While many pertained to the war in Ukraine, the members said they took no side in the conflict.

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