Breaking News: Observers Warn About The “Unprecedented” Levels Of Anti-Christian Hostility By The Biden Administration


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Remember when we elected our first black president and race relations took a downturn? A similar thing is happening with our second Catholic president.  

Joe Biden is often described as a devout Catholic, and while no one has the right to say that isn’t true, his policies and words say otherwise. 

The incidents of church vandalism are on the rise. The FBI is spying on Catholic Churches and warning against “radical traditionalist Catholic ideology.” Legislation is attempting to target church sacraments, like the seal of confession. 

In one recent incident, a criminal in Syracuse, Nebraska, tipped over the altar of a Catholic church and destroyed a Sacred Heart of Jesus statue during the most sacred week of the Christian calendar, Holy Week. 

People from non-profit religious groups are speaking out about the “increasing cultural and government hostility toward Catholics and other Christians under the Biden administration.”

“I think it’s just a rise in secularism in the United States,” Arielle Del Turco, assistant director of the Center for Religious Liberty at the Family Research Council (FRC), told Fox News Digital.

FRC issued a report documenting the increase in church vandalism over the past few years. 

The updated version of “Hostility Against Churches Is on the Rise in the United States” notes that 2023 is likely to have the highest number of church vandalism incidents since the FRC started tracking six years ago.

In the first quarter of this year, there have been 69 acts of hostility against churches in 29 states, ten arsons or attempted arsons, “three gun-related incidents, three bomb threats, and two other incidents such as assault.” 

These numbers are triple what they were in the first quarter of last year. 

“As secularism increases, people just understand religion less and less, they have less of the respect for religion that they might have had decades ago,” said Del Turco. 

Christian beliefs conflict with the LGBTQI+ agenda and the main issues like abortion.

“All of these are increasingly in conflict with core Christian teachings and core Christian beliefs. So, the left is getting increasingly intolerant of Christianity for this reason, and I think we’re seeing that even being represented physically with these physical attacks on churches,” she continued.

Del Turco acknowledges that the attacks are not limited to Catholics, but Catholic churches “bear the brunt of most of these attacks.” She posits it’s “because they are just a beautiful outward representation of Christianity.”

“They have these beautiful buildings, they have statues outside, but also they are expressly pro-life.”

She discussed how the Biden administration has not made religious freedom a priority, nor have they made it a priority to prosecute violent offenders against religious groups.

“I think even the public discourse — the way that President Biden talks about Christians or people who might oppose some of these secular dogmas — creates a really dangerous environment where people feel increasingly comfortable lashing out against churches,” she said.

“When I first started out, most of the anti-Catholicism was coming from the media, the entertainment industry, the arts, education, primarily there,” Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, said.

“It’s changed. It’s coming now more from the Corporate 500, from the United States government, as well as from some state and local governments.”

Donohue told Fox News Digital, “I’ve never seen a more anti-Catholic administration in my life.”

“In many ways, what we’re seeing is unprecedented and poses serious threats to the ability of Catholics to freely practice their faith — free from threats of vandalism, violence or even coercion from governmental actors,” Brian Burch, president of CatholicVote.org, said.

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