BREAKING NEWS: NY Gov. Hochul Announces Plans For Zero-Emissions Building Mandates Within Two Years, Utility Rates Already Soaring

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New York isn’t just banning the use of gas stoves but is mandating zero-emission requirements for future buildings.

Just a few days after New York outlawed the natural gas hookups, Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul announced her plans for requiring “modern zero-emission new homes and buildings” in less than two years.

Just The News reported:

Hochul’s $1.5 billion green energy package is included in her state budget for fiscal year 2024. She touted the funding as “one of the most extensive climate packages in recent history.” 

The plan for sustainable buildings, also known as “building decarbonization,” requires new homes and buildings seven stories or less to be emissions-free by December of 2025 and “all other new buildings” by 2028. The mandate allows a range of exceptions, including for large industrial/commercial buildings.

“Additionally,” the announcement reads, “New York State is … calling on the New York Power Authority (NYPA) to complete decarbonization action plans for 15 of the highest emitting state facilities.” Such plans “will accelerate our progress towards a cleaner building sector” and “move the State closer to reaching our climate goals,” said the governor’s office.

The package will include $400 million for the state’s Environmental Protection Fund, an additional $400 million for energy affordability, $500 million for “clean water infrastructure” and $200 million for state parks.

The announcement of these green initiatives comes after one of the state’s largest utilities, National Grid, said it is looking at a 17% natural gas rate hike for New York City and 16% for residents of Long Island.

If these increases are approved, city residents would pay an additional $371 annually and Long Islanders an additional $342 per year in gas bills.

According to Fox5 New York, National Grid New York Deputy General Counsel Phil DeCicco pointed to the state’s green agenda as one of the main factors for the rate hike.

“We’ve tried hard to manage our costs, but we’re seeing external pressure on our rates,” he said.

New York became the first state in America to issue a ban on gas stoves for new buildings. 

Studies warn that shifting from fossil gurls could result in more energy poverty. Germany, which recently just shut down its last nuclear plant and is committed to eliminating fossil fuels, has seen gas prices shoot up to as much as 540%.

Just The News also shared:

New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has famously proposed a Green New Deal, a plan to fundamentally transform America’s energy infrastructure that could cost up to $93 trillion, according to a study co-authored by a former director of the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office. 

Many have warned that should the U.S. abandon fossil fuels, it will become reliant on China to power the nation’s energy grid since the communist nation is the world’s dominant supplier of rare earth minerals and products integral to the green energy industry.

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