Breaking News: New Republican Candidate Emerges, Larry Elder Announces Bid For White House Run In 2024

Credit: Rolling Stone

Former California GOP gubernatorial candidate and radio personality, Larry Elder, announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for president on Thursday.

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He said he feels it is his patriotic duty to run.

Elder lost to Gov. Gavin Newsom during the recall election in 2021. He announced his run on Fox News’s Tucker Carlson.

Elder said that he was the only male member in his family who did not serve in the military, so he felt that running for president was a moral and patriotic duty.

“The reason I am doing this: My father was a World War II vet, served as a Marine — first black Marines,” Elder said. “My late older brother Kirk was in the Navy during the Vietnam era, and my little brother Dennis served in Vietnam in the army. I’m the only one didn’t serve, and I don’t feel good about that. I feel I have a moral, religious, patriotic duty to give back to a country that’s been so good to my family and me. That’s why I am doing this.”

Elder hinted at a potential run earlier in April. He said that he was “deeply planning” a presidential run. His campaign, he said, will focus on policing and what he says is a “lack of fathers” in the country, especially in the black community.

“The disgraceful lie the Democrats put on everything that America is systematically racist. It isn’t just a lie, Tucker; it has real consequences,” Elder said.

“Police are pulling back. It’s called the Ferguson effect or George Floyd effect. People that are harmed by that are the black and brown people, which are who people on the Left claim they care about. There’s a study shows hundreds if not thousands are dead because police aren’t engaging in proactive policing because they are demoralized by people calling them racist.”

“The second thing, the 10,000-pound elephant in the room regarding stuff in Chicago and other cities with mass mobs, is the lack of fathers in the home,” Elder continued. “Right now, today in America, 40% of all kids enter the world without a father in the home married to the mother — 70% in the black community.”

He also went on to talk about the effects of the welfare state.

“The question we should be asking: How do you go from 25% black kids entering the world without a father in the home in 1960 to the more [than] 70% today? The answer is the welfare state. We incentivized women to marry the government and men to abandon moral responsibility. If I do nothing else but focus people on those two issues, I will [have] performed a service to my country.”

Elder brought in around over 3.5 million votes during the recall election in 2021. He said in January that he had already traveled to New Hampshire and Iowa and met with donors.

Elder is not the first to throw his hat in the ring for 2024. He joins former President Donald Trump, former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, and entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy. Former Vice President Mike Pence and Gov. Ron DeSantis are speculated to announce a run but have not done so yet.

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