BREAKING NEWS: New Emails Reveal That President Joe Biden Also Stashed “Classified” Documents In Boston Office – “Raising A Lot Of Questions” 

Credits: REUTERS, Vanguard Law Magazine

According to a report by the New York Post, newly released emails suggest that the current U.S. President Joe Biden’s confidential documents fiasco is much bigger and shady than it seems.

The emails were made public by the National Archives.

The emails contained several references linked to Biden’s legal team taking care of boxes containing documents in Boston.

The New York Post reported:

“Confirming a little-known detail in the chronology of [his] “classified documents scandal.” 

An official from the National Archives, Gary Stern, wrote an email last year on November 7th to Biden’s attorneys Bob Bauer and Patrick Moore.

Stern wrote:

“Please ensure that the boxes in your office in Boston remain secure in a locked space and are not accessed by anyone.” 

The Post also noted Stern sent the email just five days after Biden’s lawyers disclosed that they had discovered confidential documents, stashed at the president’s Penn Biden Center office in D.C. 

It was reported by CNN in January that Biden’s attorney Patrick Moore transmitted a few documents, that were discovered at the D.C. location, to his Boston office before he discovered records of confidential documents.

CNN also added that those documents did not contain any confidential data.

However, the New York Post added that the new emails: 

“raise questions about the nature of the documents given the protocols requested by the National Archives.”

In an email sent to Moore and Bauer, Stern wrote: 

“We would like to pick up the boxes that are in your Boston office and move them to the JFK Library. Would it be possible to do that tomorrow?”

Moore replied:

“Yes, it would. I will still be in DC, so I will link you with my colleague [redacted], with whom you may have dealt in the past on other matters related to the Kennedy archives.”

The report by the Post also revealed:

“White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Friday afternoon that she knew nothing about the Boston boxes and referred questions to White House counsel’s office spokesman Ian Sams, who did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment.”

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