Breaking News: NC Supreme Court Delivers Crushing Ruling On Voter ID Law That May Play Crucial Role In 2024 Election


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Democrats have been screaming for years claiming voter ID is racist. The claim has no merit whatsoever and some would argue that the premise itself is racist. 

The idea that black voters can’t get an ID is such a racist statement and belief. Why can’t they? What is holding them back? 

Are Democrats insinuating that they are not smart enough? They don’t have the money? What exactly keeps black voters from getting an ID? 

Lawmakers in North Carolina were heading an effort to improve ballot integrity by enacting a law requiring voter ID. The state Supreme Court ruled against it saying the requirement had a “racially discriminatory purpose” against black voters.

“The provisions enacted … were formulated with an impermissible intent to discriminate against African American voters in violation of the North Carolina Constitution,” Associate Justice Anita Earls wrote in the ruling.

In the report, the justice noted that Senate Bill 824 required all voters to show one form of a few specific forms of photo ID. The state Supreme Court claimed this law was passed to disenfranchise black voters. 

They said that the law appeared neutral but targeted black voters. 

Again, how is it not racist to claim that black voters can’t get an ID?

“Moore v. Harper is predicated on who has the constitutional authority to set election policy – seven state Supreme Court justices or 170 state legislators,” Lauren Horsch, a spokeswoman for North Carolina Senator Berger, said in an email. “The U.S. Constitution’s Elections Clause is clear that it’s the state legislatures, but recently state courts have taken it upon themselves to set election policy. In North Carolina, we have a state Supreme Court that has become a legislative body.”

In a statement when the case began, Berger said, “Activist judges and allied plaintiffs have proved time and time again that they believe state courts have the ultimate say over congressional maps, no matter what the U.S. Constitution says. We must continue this fight to restore the primacy of the legislature and put an end to these efforts to undermine its constitutional duty.”

Another election-related case the North Carolina GOP legislature brought to the U.S. Supreme Court began this month. 

“Backed by Republican leaders at the N.C. General Assembly, the crux of the argument is that they and all other state legislators should have much broader power to write election laws, with courts mostly not allowed to stop them by ruling their actions unconstitutional. They’ve been tight-lipped about the case since filing it this spring, mostly preferring to avoid commenting on it to reporters and instead doing their talking through legal briefs,” the Herland-Sun reported.

“Beyond redistricting the case also has the potential to change how North Carolina and the 49 other states handle everything from early voting and mail-in ballots rules to voter ID, recounts, post-election audits, and anything else that could possibly affect an election,” the news outlet added.

The battle for election integrity continues. Americans are required to show an ID for almost everything, why should it not be required for something as sacred as the right to vote? 

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