Breaking News: Minnesota Senate Pass Legislation That Allows Illegal Immigrants To Obtain US Driver’s Licenses

Credits: PBS

On Wednesday, the Minnesota Senate approved legislation that would grant permission to illegal aliens to acquire a U.S. driver’s license, without any requirements or proof that shows they are in the U.S. lawfully.

The bill, “Driver’s License for All”, dictates that an individual “is not required to demonstrate United States citizenship or lawful presence in the United States” when applying for a state ID or driver’s license. 

The GOP leaders from the Minnesota Senate are pursuing to revise the language of the legislation by including a “Not for Voting” or “Not for Flying” clause, over the concerns that an illegal alien will have the ability to cast ballots in elections.

According to KWLM, while responding to the legislation, Minnesota’s GOP Senator Glenn Gruenhagen stated:

“What in your bill prevents that terrorist from coming to Minnesota, getting a driver’s license and getting on an airline and committing a terrorist act?”

The Minnesota House passed the bill in January, and the state Senate cleared it this week.

After a few modifications to the text of the bill, it will head back to the Minnesota House for a final revision before making its way to Democratic Gov. Tim Walz’s office.

Democratic leaders favoring the legislation asserted that the immigrants who apply for a state ID or driver’s license would be required to provide certain documents before getting a card.

However, Sen. Gruenhagen contended that everything “could just about be forged nowadays.”

When Fox News Digital asked Walz for remarks about the legislation and whether he was in favor of altering the bill’s language, he did not respond.

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