BREAKING NEWS: Jim Jordan’s FBI Whistleblowers Testify Before Congress, Discuss Targeting Of Pro-Lifers and Catholics

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A hearing on Thursday featured a handful of officials and FBI whistleblowers and Rep. Jim Jordan, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, engaged in a heated argument with Democrat representatives.

OANN reported:

The FBI had informed the subcommittee in a letter on Wednesday that the agency had withdrawn the security clearances of three agents who had either participated in the Capitol breach on January 6th or those who promoted “controversial” opinions regarding it.

Jordan (R-Ohio) and Rep. Stacey Plaskett (D-USVI) had an argument over prior evidence that one of the witnesses had provided to Republicans. Plaskett asked for a transcript of the conversation with the witness, FBI staff operations specialist Marcus Allen, as he had agreed to only talk with Republicans during a previous hearing.

Jordan turned down the request, which sparked a protracted debate on the committee’s procedures that involved several senators.

“I’m not aware that you’re able to withhold information from the minority that we would need to use,” said Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.), before being cut off by Jordan.

“When it comes to whistleblowers, you are not [entitled],” Jordan said, repeating the phrase.

“That’s not right,” interjected Rep. Dan Goldman (D-N.Y.).

“It’s shocking that the gentleman from New York would say that when you were part of an investigation with an anonymous whistleblower,” Jordan said.

During the initial impeachment proceedings for President Trump, Goldman acted as counsel.

“I’m inquiring—” Wasserman Schultz said.

“And I told you that when it comes to whistleblowers, you are not entitled. It is at the discretion of Mr. Allen,” Jordan stated.

“Mr. Chairman, these individuals have been determined not to be whistleblowers… These are not whistleblowers. They have been determined by the agency not to be whistleblowers. Are you deciding that they’re whistleblowers?” Wasserman Schultz asked.

“Yes, the law decides. Did you not listen to [the testimony]?” Jordan said.

Jordan didn’t back down and pushed through the grievances before allowing Rep. Matt Gaetz (R, Fla.) to continue skiing questions.

In a report documenting the allegations made by multiple people who claimed to be FBI whistleblowers, Jordan and other Republicans on the committee said that the FBI had become “politicized rot.”

Prior to the hearing, Jordan said at a press conference that his committee interviewed more than twenty different FBI whistleblowers for the report.

The committee chairman said that even though some of his whistleblowers had benefitted finically from a Trump ally, it should not create doubt on their objectivity. 

“If you’re a parent attending a school board meeting, if you’re a pro-lifer praying at a clinic, or you’re a Catholic simply going to mass, you are a target of the government, a target of the FBI,” Jordan said.

He also claimed that authorities tried to inflate their inquiries so they wouldn’t be treated as a domestic terrorist and violent extremists.

Gaetz talked about the whistleblower assertions that the D.C. file office was reportedly the source of much of the “rot” within the organization.

“A lot of the rot, the committee has learned, emerges out of headquarters, out of the Washington field office,” Gaetz said. 

“A whistleblower described the conflict that existed as the Washington field office put pressure on other field offices around the country to engage in law enforcement work without predication.”

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