Breaking News: Jeffrey Epstein’s Victim Sarah Ransome Aims To Publish Videos Of The VIPs Who Sexually Harrassed Underaged Children

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As per the Daily Mail, one of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims, will soon be exposing Epstein’s notorious operations involving the sexual harassment of minors.

Jeffrey Epstein’s victim disclosed that she saw several videos that the disgraced pedophile recorded in which his wealthy allies were seen having sex with a female target in order to “blackmail” her. 

She also asserted that “the footage will haunt me for the rest of my life,” and that she also has various stashed copies of the horrible video.

One of the victims of Jeffrey Epstein, alleged that she not only saw the sex tapes of his wealthy friends but also made copies of them.

The newly released testimony of Sarah Ransome has caused the charges against distinguished attorney Alan Dershowitz to resurface, according to which Dershowitz engaged in the sexual abuse of minor females.

Ransome testified in an affidavit related to a lawsuit filed by Virginia Giuffre against Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s ex-girlfriend.

Ransome claimed to have seen footage of two associates of Epstein, engaging in sexual activity with a female victim.

She also claims that she was compelled to be a part of a threesome that involved an unnamed woman and Dershowitz.

Dershowitz has addressed these assertions. 

Dershowitz refuses the sexual abuse allegations against him as he informed the Daily Beast: 

“Let me be very clear—I have had sex with one woman since the day I met my wife.”

Dershowitz added: 

“And during the entire relevant period of time, I never had any contact with Ransome. I’ve never had any contact with anyone else. And the stories are all made up.”

Ransome continuously argued that the video she watched will “haunt me for the rest of my life” and also mentioned that the faces of the abusers were clear.

However, she does not recognize any of them. 

Even though Epstein is deceased, Ransome claims to have copies of the documents that she has secured in multiple locations across Europe, citing her fear of vengeance from him. 

This new insight shows that Jeffrey Epstein used secretly recorded videos of his wealthy male friends, while having sex with underage females, to blackmail them. 

16 thoughts on “Breaking News: Jeffrey Epstein’s Victim Sarah Ransome Aims To Publish Videos Of The VIPs Who Sexually Harrassed Underaged Children

    1. Many are on Hunter Biden’s laptop including Joe Biden, Barack Obama, George Clooney, Bill Clinton and Chuck Schumer.

      1. No fucking way!!! I’m so surprised that a tin foiled maggot would believe such drivel

  1. I want to know why Dershowitz is the only one named beside Prince Andrew. I know there has to be many more that went to the island, I’m guessing Bill Gates was one also.

  2. Why always jews are go free without trial in America ?!?

    Is it land of Americans or jews? What law protect them more than other nations? Are they more valuable as people than others?
    Like in France? I heard that there they have their court just to protect them in civil trials and this court is over France regular court.

    Is it in America the same?

    If it is, than you are on a brink of the financial crisis like Germany in the late 30’s and this will lead you to civil war.

    I love America and all that you represent. Please, wake up !

    1. Jews, Jews, Jews… You skinheads are obsessed with your hatred of them. You’re so unoriginal.

  3. I don’t believe one word of this. If she has the records then why give warning to the crooks that be so they can kill her before the release. Why not just release them w/o a warning and have it be a nice little surprise for the whole world to see. If she does have them then lok forward to her committing suicide or have a bad accident. We’ll never see those records.

    1. Not sure who the fuck “annoying truther” is talking about, but I agree with him. If someone had tapes of minor having sex with celebrities, they would have released them by now unless they were bought off and that doesn’t seem to be the case. So I doubt there are tapes, and if there are tapes I doubt we ever see them. Someone will get to them before they are released and since the media is on the side of perverts for the most part, the media won’t even investigate to establish if tapes exist. One giant circle jerk.

  4. Testimony without documentation = opinion.
    Let’s review some of the incoherent “facts”:
    – Epstein, an “agent” has tapes and photos stashed everywhere because he was running a “honey pot” scam. What spy agency would allow an agent to keep the real or copies of tapes and photos?
    – Epstein, convicted of procuring an underage prostitute, suddenly becomes a pedophile. Magically the underage prostitutes he was pimping, become victims of abuse.
    – Serial liar Virginia Roberts says Epstein paid her $5000 to screw Prince Andrew, in London where the age of consent is 16, when she was 17. She then says Andrew “forced” her.
    – Somehow Epstein manages to fly underage girls to other countries and get them through customs and immigration either without passports, or passports granted without parental consent.
    – Some of Ghislaine Maxwell’s accusers claim Virginia Roberts “recruited” them, yet Maxwell was charged with recruitment.
    This entire story has more holes than a sieve. I don’t know what happened, but it sure as hell isn’t what is being advertised.

  5. All these libtards in the comments not believing the victim because the abusers are their heroes 💀

  6. She needs to release the videos then publicly comment. Commenting before releasing could put your life in danger

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