Breaking News In Arizona: Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake Receives Amazing News As She Waits For Her Election Case To Be Decided 

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Kari Lake, former Republican candidate for governor of Arizona, could have a way to be elected as a senator for the state.

A new poll showed that Lake would defeat independent Senator Kyrsten Sinema and possible Democrat challenger Ruben Gallego.

The survey was released by Blueprint Polling on January 11. They posed an imaginary scenario in which Sinema runs for re-election against lake and Gallego. Lake has been rumored to consider running for the seat.

The poll showed Lake winning the seat with 36% of the vote, Gallego with 32%, and Sinema with 14% of this theoretical vote.

The poll also said in a three-way contest, 1 in 6 voters was undecided, which could be a factor in Sen. Sinema keeping her seat.

Sen. Sinema recently left the Democrat party. She has gained followers from both sides of the aisle. The poll said her best chance to keep her seat “may be for the Republican party to nominate a candidate so flawed that moderate and conservative voters would abandon that person for the Independent Sinema.”

Her move to leave the Democrat party and change her affiliation to Independent helps weaken the Democrats’ hold on the Senate.

“I promised I would never bend to party pressure, and I would stay focused on solving problems and getting things done for everyday Arizonans. Americans are more united than the national parties would have us believe. We’ve shown that a diverse democracy can still function effectively. Arizonans – including many registered as Democrats or Republicans – are eager for leaders who focus on common-sense solutions rather than party doctrine. But if the loudest, most extreme voices continue to drive each party toward the fringes – and if party leaders stay more focused on energizing their bases than delivering for all Americans – these kinds of lasting legislative successes will become rarer,” she said.

Sources told CNN journalist Kate Sullivan that Lake will not make a final decision on whether she will run for Senate until her court case is done.

The Arizona Court of Appeals has agreed to expedite Lake’s case challenging the results of Arizona’s gubernatorial election.

The court case, which was initially scheduled for March of this year, will now be heard by judges on February 1. 

The state’s Court of Appeals agreed to treat Lake’s case as a “special action petition.”

After the midterm votes were counted, Lake did not concede to Hobbs. Lake challenged the results of the election because of technical difficulties on election day and still uncounted ballots.

Lake has claimed that she would have won if the ballot printers in Maricopa County had been working properly on election day.

Lake is hopeful now that her court date has been expedited to February. We will see if it bears any fruit!

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