BREAKING NEWS: Ilhan Omar’s Campaign Payments To Consultants Fell Down By Millions Of Dollars After Stopping Payments To Her Husband’s Firm

Credits AFP

The inspection of federal filings by Fox News Digital uncovered that the Democratic Rep. from Minnesota, Ilhan Omar’s campaign money to counselors dropped by millions of dollars following the removal of her husband’s company from her payroll.

The lawmaker from Minnesota handed out millions of dollars to E Street Group in campaign money. E Street Group is a political consulting firm co-owned by Omar’s husband, Tim Mynett, at the time of 2020 election cycle. 

Mynett’s group received almost half of Omar’s total campaign payments, which makes it the committee’s biggest vendor during the 2020 elections. 

After Omar was confronted with several surveys over the payments, she immediately switched the path by cutting the cash flowing towards the E Street Group, just shortly before the 2022 November midterms.

At present, her campaign settles with other companies at very less money for similar services, which ultimately puts the E Street Group under doubts concerning the high charges they offered in the past. 

According to a report on the dealings by the Federal Election Commission, after Omar removed her husband’s firm, her expenditures dropped by nearly $2 million for similar services.  

Previously, Omar’s committee paid over $3 million to E Street Group for the services they were providing, such as direct mail, fundraising consultation services, video production and editing, direct mail, and several other services.

Fox News Digital requested Omar’s Campaign to clarify the sudden decrease in its service charges right after breaking associations with E Street Group. However, Omar’s campaign did not respond. 

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