Breaking News: GOP Demands Biden For Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s Resignation Or Termination Over His Incompetence

Credits: Al Drago

Several GOP members are demanding President Joe Biden terminate his Secretary of Transportation, Pete Buttigieg. According to Just The News, such demands have been voiced at both state and federal levels. 

Some of the Republicans have also demanded Pete Buttigieg’s impeachment, in case he doesn’t step down from his position voluntarily. 

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GOP Sen. from Florida, Marco Rubio, sent a letter to President Joe Biden in which he listed the train derailment incident as one of the latest scandals concerning the Dept of Transportation, which is under Pete Buttigieg. 

He wrote: 

“Amidst an impending possible rail strike last year, Secretary Buttigieg left the country to vacation in Portuguese wine country. Near misses in commercial aviation, as well as recent system failures, including the one that shut down air travel in Florida in January, indicate that serious and persistent problems across the DOT are not being sufficiently remedied. I do not have confidence that Secretary Buttigieg is capable of keeping the American people safe.”

Buttigieg answered the senator’s mocking letter by stating that Mr. Rubio appreciates weak transportation laws and that the letter was “pretty obviously drafted by [rail road] industry.”

Mr. Rubio replied:

“Pete was m.i.a. on the derailment. Then he lied to the media claiming my 2021 letter calling for more track inspections was a letter calling for deregulation. He is an incompetent who is focused solely on his fantasies about his political future & needs to be fired.”

Sen. Rubio summated his stance on Twitter when he stated: 

“Airline chaos, FAA meltdowns, trains derailing…what does @SecretaryPete have to do to get fired?”

Republican Sen. from Missouri, Josh Hawley, also agreed with Rubio’s thoughts and tweeted that Buttigieg must resign. 

Some other GOP members from Ohio have also joined the list of individuals demanding Buttigieg’s resignation. 

State Representative, Michael Rulli said: 

“The people in East Palestine had their water, air, and soil poisoned. Pete Buttigieg’s only response was to spin and say it wasn’t a big deal. He’s not doing his job. He needs to resign. Now.”

Rep. Warren Davidson even demanded Buttigieg’s impeachment if he did not get fired or resigned for his incompetence. 

Davidson stated: 

“I hope he does resign, and if he doesn’t, you know, there’s a long list of impeachment criteria. I never would have thought we’d see a point where we need to impeach a secretary of transportation, but daggone, how many failures have to happen on his watch before we call it?”

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