Breaking News: Fox News’s Bret Baier Reveals That Former President Donald Trump’s Second Potential Indictment Might Be On Its Way

Credits: Washington Post, The Hill

The renowned host of Fox News, Bret Baier disclosed shocking news on Twitter that can suggest that the former president Donald Trump’s indictment by Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg might just be a warm-up to a more collective second act of political witch-hunt. 

Baier tweeted:

“FOX News is told multiple U.S. Secret Service agents connected to Former President Donald Trump have been subpoenaed & are expected to testify before the D.C. grand jury likely on Friday. The grand jury appearances are related to the Special Counsel Jack Smith probe into the handling of classified documents at Mar-a-Lago.”

Timcast’s Tim Pool posted a video on his titular channel titled, “Trump Faces SECOND INDICTMENT, Democrats DC Grand Jury Order Secret Service To TESTIFY Against Trump.”

In the video, he alerts Americans that via Trump’s indictment, the nation’s faith in the rule of law is getting “shattered.”

He stated: 

“Ladies and gentlemen, it appears there is a second indictment looming. Do you think they’re going to stop here? They’re going after Trump at the state and federal levels.

So what happens if they stop the Republican front-runner from run… Look this is a conversation I have with a lot of people. Okay? Government is confident. That’s it.

I was having this conversation just this past weekend to explain to people how close we are the…to the end of this country. Confidence is everything.”

As per the Fox News report, Jack Smith’s team claims that Trump fooled his lawyers about the information in the documents found at his Mar-a-Lago home. 

In November last year, Smith was appointed as a special counsel after the FBI raided Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence in August during which they procured documents from Trump’s home despite Trump declaring his declassification authority as clarified by Supreme Court in Navy v. Egan.

According to Article II of the Constitution, the court’s majority wrote: 

“The President, after all, is the ‘Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States’. His authority to classify and control access to information bearing on national security … flows primarily from this constitutional investment of power in the President, and exists quite apart from any explicit congressional grant.”

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