Breaking News: Democratic Senator Bob Casey Has Funneled $500,000 Of Campaign Money To His Sister’s Printing Press

Credits: U.S. Senate Photographic Studio

Democratic Senator from Pennsylvania, Bob Casey has sent approximately $500,000 of campaign money to a printing press that is owned by his sister and sister’s husband, igniting significant ethics questions. 

According to the New York Post’s report: 

“Casey (D-Pa.), 62, has spent more than $500,000 on services from Universal Printing Company over the course of his nearly three-decade political career — more than $200,000 of which was paid between 2005 and 2022 by Bob Casey for Senate, Inc., according to Federal Election Commission filings.”

The report added: 

“Universal Printing’s owner and CEO, Margi McGrath, is the oldest sister of the Democratic senator, has also donated thousands to Casey’s Senate fund and even campaigned on his behalf during his failed 2002 run for Pennsylvania governor. McGrath runs Universal with her husband. William, who has also donated thousands to Casey’s Senate campaigns over the years.” 

While talking with the New York Post, the Executive director of Americans for Public Trust, Caitlin Sutherland noted: 

“Any time campaign dollars flow from a sitting US Senator to a family member, ethics alarm bells should start ringing. Senator Casey is prohibited from using campaign funds to enrich family members, and any semblance of doing so deserves serious scrutiny.”

This act of funneling campaign money to members of their families is pretty common among Democrat politicians and it paves way for many questions regarding the morals and ethics of such lawmakers. 

Even though it’s a lawful act for lawmakers to have their family members employed in the campaign, still, this money funneling is never praised by ethics experts. 

GOP members oppose such practices and are looking forward to stemming from employing their family members on the campaign payroll as Republicans have pointed out several Democrats who were engaged in the same practices. 

Therefore, GOP Rep. from Texas, Pat Fallon has brought forward a Bill “Family Integrity to Reform Elections Act,” that would be responsible to prevent funding from going to the nominee’s family members. 

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