BREAKING NEWS: Border Patrol Chief Agent Has “Tremendous Concern” As Terrorists, Felons Among Millions Of “Gotaways” Illegally Entering U.S.

Credits: Kevin Wolf, @USBPChiefTCA Twitter

In a Congressional hearing on Tuesday, the chief patrol officer of the Customs and Border Protection department informed the lawmakers about having “tremendous concern” that along with millions of “gotaways” who are crossing the U.S Mexican border, a bunch of terrorists and criminals have also entered the U.S. 

The Chief Patrol Agent from Tucson, John Modlin, who has been serving with the Border Patrol for the last 27 years, clarified that the law enforcement agency requires more aid to enhance border safety and control the massive waves of illegal immigrants who are consistently trying to enter the U.S.

Modlin clarified to the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, that the majority of the immigrants who cross the border are those who have no family and children, behind or with them. 

He also claimed that the illegal migrants who are trying to enter the U.S. are dodging the officials as they do not want to get caught or jailed because most of them are “previously deported felons” who “pose a serious threat to our communities.”

During the hearing, the GOP Rep. from Arizona, Paul Gosar, questioned Modlin:

“Under the current situation, would it be possible for foreign intelligence assets to penetrate the United States’ interior?”

Modlin replied: 

“To speculate who could possibly be in the ‘gotaways,’ or the unknowns that we know, would just simply be speculation. All I can tell you is that it is a tremendous concern that anyone goes through the border undetected. But the reality is, we know there are people that are getting by.”

According to the Post, throughout the last year, Customs and Border Protection Department arrested approximately 100 illegal border crossers who were mentioned on the terror no-fly list. So far in this current year, 38 border crossers have been caught who are confirmed terrorists, or presumed to be terrorists, or linked with a terrorist organization. 

Modlin stated:

“We went from what I would describe as ‘unprecedented’ to a point where I don’t have the correct adjective to describe what’s going on.” 

He assumed that the high ratio of terrorist border crossers is because the terrorists know that the Biden administration supports loose border policies and they can easily trespass. 

Modlin stated: 

“Interviewing [migrants] post-arrest, what became the most common response was that they believed that when the administration changed, the policy changed, and that there was an open border.”

The Border Patrol has around 19,300 agents to control the immigration crisis, however, they need around 22,000 agents to have it fully under control. 

Modlin further added: 

“Agency-wide, we recognize we need more people. I certainly know I do not have enough agents within Tucson sector to deal with the flow that we’re dealing with now.”

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