Breaking News: Arizona’s Republican Leader Kari Lake Makes Major Announcement Regarding Her Future Endeavors In Politics

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The former Arizona gubernatorial GOP candidate, Kari Lake, has announced her new career and it will certainly not please Democrats at all.

During an appearance on One America News, Lake revealed that she is “seriously considering” running for a Senate seat in 2024, according to a report by Mediaite.

Lake said:

“I am seriously considering a run for Senate, yes absolutely. We’re not going away. And so I am seriously considering a run for Senate.”

Lake also discussed her poll ratings against her potential rivals for the seat, including Democrat nominee Rep. Ruben Gallego and the current Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema. 

She claimed:

“All the polling shows that I would win,. Not just the primary, the polling is showing that I would beat Kyrsten Sinema and this socialist guy that’s running for the Democrats, [Rep. Ruben] Gallego.”

In a trio race, Gallego and Lake are currently tied in the polls, while Sen. Sinema is far behind in third place

It seems that Sen. Sinema has made a decision concerning her candidacy for next year’s reelection, and it is highly unlikely that it will be well-received by her former Democrat Party.

Sinema, who considers herself an Independent candidate but still maintained affiliations with Democrats, intends to participate in the upcoming 2024 election as a third-party candidate in Arizona, a state that has recently transformed into a contested political arena.

According to a report by Wall Street, Sinema’s third-party campaign has the potential to become a fierce three-way competition for the Arizona Senate seat, which can become a nightmare for Democrats in a significant battleground state.

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