BREAKING NEWS: Another Trump Official, Mike Pompeo, Announced He Might Be Campaigning For 2024 Presidential Run

Credits: Andrew Harnik, Steven Vlasic

The previous Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, has declared that he might be running for the upcoming 2024 presidential run. 

On a Fox News show, “One Nation With Brian Kilmeade,” Pompeo stated that he would be deciding in the “next few months” whether he will be campaigning or not. 

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Pompeo stated:

“I want to bring you to your next future. If you read your book, you understand you’re goal-oriented, and no goal is out of your reach if you choose to grind it out and do it and you look at yourself as a grinder. I wanted to tell you there’s two people you know quite well, that you served with, that are pretty much considering getting into the race and are virtually in it; it’s Tim Scott and Nikki Haley. Listen to them.”

The host stated: 

“So, Mr. Secretary, on the 15th, Nikki Haley will be officially in. Tim Scott is on a listening tour that will result in a bid. What about you? Would you go against your former teammates and your former president?”

Pompeo responded:

“I love Tim. I think the American people will get treated to a big group of conservative believers who are out there making their case for why they ought to be the next president of the United States. I hope everyone who thinks they’re that person goes after it and chases that and that we have a solid, reasoned, logical, serious debate about the direction of our country. It matters too much to do it any other way, Brian.”

“What’s your timeline?” Kilmeade asked.

Pomper replied:

“Next handful of months. Susan and I will think our way through this, keep praying, and figure it out,”

The host asked:

“Is there anybody in the race now you don’t think you could beat?”

Pompeo answered:

“(Laughs). It’s not about who you are competing against. You are competing to convince the American people that you are the right person for the job at this time.”

He added:

“That is the concept. I hope everyone who engages in the campaign behaves in a way that justifies what the American people are demanding: serious, thoughtful, determined leadership that fixes the kinds of things we’re seeing in America today.”

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