Breaking: New Report Revealed That Chinese Company Alibaba Spent Millions Of Dollars On Lobbying Democrats For Their Interests

Credits: CNBC, whitehouse.gov

Just The News reported that the Chinese e-commerce giant, Alibaba, has been dishing out over $2.5 million on influencing practices in the U.S. and even their affiliates have also been spending a lot. 

Democratic Party has been receiving heavy fundings and donations from Alibaba officials since 2014. During the 2020 Democratic election campaigns the nominees raised over $1.2 million from Alibaba affiliates, and in 2022  Democratic National Committee Service Corporation raised a total of $135,000 from associates of Alibaba.

In China, there is no such segregation between the state and private businesses. A professional from The Heritage Foundation, Jim Carafano, stated in 2020:

“Let’s be clear: every company in China works for the Chinese Communist Party. They are required, by law, to turn over any information they can access, whenever the Party asks for it. It’s not just a matter of cooperating with the regime or being friendly to it. They must take and obey all orders from the regime, and that includes handing over any American data they touch, regardless of privacy commitments, legal concerns or respect for intellectual property.”

All of this indicates that the delicate intel being collected by the Chinese firms (or indeed any Chinese company) can ultimately end up in the possession of the Communist Party. A massive amount of delicate information has been stolen till now. 

The former director of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center, William Evanina, affirmed during a congress: 

“It is estimated that 80 percent of American adults have had all of their personal data stolen by the CCP [Chinese Communist Party], and the other 20 percent most of their personal data.”

Democrats have a long history of irregular funding of their nominees. In 1996 the Democratic National Committee was accused of receiving foreign money improperly and was later pushed to return $2.8 million. Some of the funding came from China. 

One of the Chinese generals stated: 

“We really like your president [Bill Clinton]. We hope he will be reelected. I will give you $300,000 U.S. dollars. You can give it to . . . your president and the Democratic party.”

According to The Just News Report, one of Alibaba’s influential companies, Mercury, has good connections to the Democratic Party through its leadership. The management includes a previous Democratic member of Governor Cuomo NYC’s team, a previous communications adviser for the Democratic National Committee, and a previous chairwoman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

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