BREAKING: New Owner Of Twitter, Elon Musk, Warns Twitter Employees That They Are Now On Notice Now That He Is In Charge

Photo Source: Joshua Lott | Getty Images

Elon Musk, the guy slated to become the next owner of Twitter, recently issued a harsh warning to people ready to join his workers. On Saturday, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, Space X, and Starlink, encouraged any new or existing staff to go to work. In a tweet, the billionaire added, “Work ethic standards would be severe, but far less than I demand of myself.”

The message was the latest in a string of viral tweets. Musk spoke about his idea for the platform on Friday. “If the Twitter acquisition goes through, the firm will be hyper focused on hardcore software engineering, design, information security, and server hardware,” he tweeted Friday morning, linking to the Fortune piece.

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“I am convinced that all technical managers must be technically proficient. It’s like being a cavalry captain who can’t ride a horse if software managers don’t build amazing software!” he said. Although Musk has not yet taken ownership of Twitter, the network is receiving a lot more attention as a result of his acquisition agreement.

Following the acceptance of the SpaceX and Starlink founder’s purchase by Twitter’s board of directors, employment interest has soared, according to Fortune: It’s still unknown how a Twitter controlled by Musk would affect the company’s capacity to retain current employees and recruit new ones. In a Monday SEC report, the business described the transaction as a possible danger to its personnel capabilities.

However, since the Tesla billionaire expressed serious interest in taking over the firm, casual interest in available positions has soared. Daniel Zhao, a senior economist and data scientist at Glassdoor, tweeted on Thursday that interest in job vacancies at the social media behemoth increased 263 percent between April 24 and April 30. “Fun fact: After Elon Musk’s Twitter acquisition bid was approved, interest in Twitter jobs on Glassdoor increased by 263 percent last week (4/24-4/30), compared to the March 2022 baseline,” Zhao tweeted.

“Well, today’s news has made the preceding statistics even more significant,” he said. Whatever you think of Elon Musk, he does have a significant following of people who want to work for him. As CEO, he’ll be far more inclined to take advantage of that appeal than as an owner.”

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Zhao revealed to the financial news site that interest is measured by the amount of average daily clicks on Twitter job listings on the platform compared to daily job click averages in a March 2022 baseline before word surfaced that Musk was pursuing the social media behemoth.

While clicks don’t always equate to real job applications, the surge “shows that individuals appear to be interested not just in the media coverage, but in jobs opportunities at the organization,” according to the source. According to Fortune, a majority of Americans – 59 percent — favor Musk’s acquisition, but “several existing Twitter personnel worry that it would radically affect the company’s culture, and general direction,” according to a recent Harris Poll.

That will almost certainly be the case if Musk adopts some of the improvements he has proposed, such as less censorship and a stronger emphasis on freedom of expression. Musk is “likely to act as a temporary CEO of Twitter for a few months after completing his $44 billion takeover of the social media business,” according to CNBC’s David Fabor.

“The news comes as Musk has raised $7.1 billion in additional investment for the transaction from a consortium of over a dozen investors, including Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison, cryptocurrency exchange Binance, Fidelity, and Brookfield Asset Management.”

Furthermore, Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Alsaud has decided to keep his 34,948,975 Twitter shares, valued at $1.9 billion, according to Fox Business. “Musk’s margin loan financing for the acquisition has been lowered from $12.5 billion to $6.25 billion as a result of the additional pledges, while his equity financing has climbed from $21 billion to $27.25 billion.

Musk’s filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission emphasizes that he is in talks with existing Twitter common stock shareholders, including co-founder Jack Dorsey, about “the possibility of contributing such shares of Common stock, at or immediately prior to the closing of the Merger, in order to retain an equity investment in Twitter following the merger,” according to the report.

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