Breaking: Nancy Pelosi Receives A Gut Punch of Reality, Early Voting Numbers Reveal First Glimpse of Upcoming Red Wave

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It has been a really rough year for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. From her husband’s much publicized DUI, to the large contingent of Democrats that will be retiring this year and thus putting Pelosi’s future in the House in jeopardy. Of course, the main gut punch she has received have been the exciting prospects for the Republicans this year just ahead of midterms. It seems that November is shaping up to be the least forgiving month for Pelosi so far.

It was just reported by Yahoo News that:

Voters responding to a recent statement from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi did not like what the Democratic leader had to say about her party’s chances in the midterm elections when she appeared on CBS’ “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” earlier this month.

“I believe that we will hold the House, and we will hold the House by winning more seats,” Pelosi told liberal host Stephen Colbert during a discussion on Oct. 3 about the upcoming elections.

“We won the 40 seats, then we lost some when Trump was on the ballot. We lost some of the Trump districts, but we held enough seats to hold the House with him on the ballot. He’s not on the ballot now. Oh, did I say his name? I didn’t mean to,” she quipped while referring to the 2018 midterm elections and the 2020 presidential election.

In a survey that played the video and allowed respondents to track their reaction in real time, 200 participants evenly split between Democrats (blue line), Republicans (red line) and independents (yellow line), had overall negative responses to Pelosi’s remarks. Republicans and independents both awarded her an “F” grade, while Democrats only awarded her a “C.”

According to pollster and Fox News contributor Lee Carter, who conducted the survey through her company Maslansky + Partners, many respondents felt Pelosi was saying something obvious that anyone would expect to hear from her.

Fox News reported that:

Republicans are winning over voters by focusing on inflation, but in highly competitive races, candidate strength makes all the difference. In this edition of the Fox News Power Rankings, three House races shift toward Democrats, while the Republicans make gains in two. Plus, the GOP loses its grip on a governor’s race in the northeast.

Fox went on to report that:

Republicans are still poised to win the House. The latest forecast expects the GOP to win 231 seats, while Democrats will take the remaining 204. That means 14 seats of breathing room for the GOP. On the Senate side, neither party has a clear majority. The Republicans have 49 seats in their columns, and the Democrats have 47. Toss up races in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania will determine control. Both parties are fighting for every vote in these states, and this forecast does not see enough evidence to shift any of them just yet.

So, it has been quite a year for Pelosi. In fact, we reported just the other day that, regarding Trump, Pelosi, at one point, says: “I’m gonna punch him out. I’ve been waiting for this, for trespassing on Capitol grounds.”

We also reported on Representative Chip Roy cracking down on stock trading among political figures. Roy said that members’ investments and their committee work have sparked bipartisan concerns about conflicts of interest. Pelosi’s dismissed Roy’s concerns and accused him of making the issue political. “As Rep. Roy is aware, the Committee on House Administration recently held the only congressional hearing on this topic,” Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill said in a statement. 

“That bipartisan hearing helped forge this proposal, which is a comprehensive proposal that bans stock trading by Members but also addresses other needed reforms. Sadly, Rep. Roy appears intent on playing partisan games rather than being part of the solution.”

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