Breaking: MSNBC Host Ali Velshi Criticizes GOP’s Efforts To Restrict Or Ban Abortion, Calling The Pro-Life Laws “Christian Shariah”

Credits: MSNBC

Ali Velshi, the MSNBC host, has criticized the Republican Party’s attempts to restrict or prohibit abortion, labeling it as the “Christian Shariah” of America.

In a recent appearance on Sirius XM radio show of the progressive host Dean Obeidallah, Velshi debated the notion that Christians within the Republican Party were “imposing” their religious beliefs on society.

Obeidallah expressed his frustration as he highlighted that as a Muslim, the attacks on his faith drive him “crazy.” 

He argued that conservatives are exploiting their religion and godly faith by introducing laws against abortion.

Velshi agreed as he claimed:

“That’s exactly true. It’s Shariah right?” 

He started: 

“If you believe again that you don’t want people to have abortion rights, but you live in America which constitutionally says that you can’t impose a state religious belief on everybody else, but you do it, that’s actually Shariah. That’s actually what everybody else is complaining about what Shariah is.”

Velshi made the argument that Muslims in America have not imposed their religious beliefs on society, unlike Christians.  

He stated:  

“The good book has been taken and made into the law book,” they stated.

He urged:

That’s the wild part about this whole thing. That’s what this is. This is Christian Shariah.” 

Following the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the federal right to abortion last June, many states have implemented measures to either restrict or protect the practice.

The host Ali Velshi was joined by his MSNBC colleague Jonathan Capehart in voicing opinion against the anti-abortion measures. 

He claimed that the Declaration of Independence “rings hollow” under the laws passed by the GOP.

On Sunday last weekend, he stated on MSNBC:

“The Declaration of Independence certainly rings hollow today as the Republican Party continues to push legislation that is not only wildly unpopular and dangerous, but also strips these unalienable rights from Americans.” 

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