BREAKING: ‘More to Come’ in Trump’s Anti-Clinton Lawsuit, according to Trump’s lawyer telling Newsmax

Photo Source: Erin Schaff – Pool/Getty Images

Former President Donald Trump’s lawyer, who assisted in the filing of a 108-page complaint against Hillary Clinton and dozens of others for spreading the Russian connection falsehood, told Newsmax on Friday that there will be “more to come” shortly.

When asked if the lawsuit is the end, attorney Alina Habba stated during an appearance on “Stinchfield” on Friday, “There is more to come.” “There will be more to come in the near future. I’m ecstatic to be trying to correct some wrongs committed against a great president.” She predicted that a new lawsuit may be brought as soon as next week, alleging defamation of Trump “at the absolute least.”

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“It’s a shame that he’s being attacked by these individuals. But he’s standing up for himself, and you’ll see it, and I’ll be back on your program next week, I’m sure “she stated “We’ll be filing another lawsuit soon.” Clinton, the Democratic National Committee, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., Clinton 2016 Campaign Manager John Podesta, FBI agent Peter Strzok, former FBI lawyer Lisa Page, and Christopher Steele, the creator of the debunked Steele dossier, are among the more than 40 people named in the $24 million lawsuit filed Thursday.

According to the lawsuit, Clinton and others from her campaign created and orchestrated the Russia collusion narrative in order to vilify Trump, who was her political rival at the time, and then continued the deception throughout his presidency in order to harm him in the eyes of the voters and ensure he would not run for office again.

The suit claims that the defendants “acted in concert to craft a false narrative that (Trump) was cooperating with a hostile foreign nation.” “The methods performed in pursuit of their conspiracy — fabricating evidence, manipulating law enforcement, and gaining access to extremely sensitive data sources — are so obscene, subversive, and incendiary that they pale in comparison to the events of Watergate.”

Podesta, on the other hand, sneered at the situation. Podesta said on Twitter on Thursday, “Do you suppose Trump brought this case in the hopes of summoning Vladimir Putin as a character witness?” “The Trump deposition should be hilarious.” The litigation grew in size as it progressed, according to Habba, due to the large number of persons and organizations involved. “You couldn’t stop adding defendants because we thought we were done, and you’d look into another issue,” she explained. “We had a fantastic crew that understood a lot about this, and it was incredible to see how far the tentacles, for want of a better term, had gone.”

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A jury trial and compensatory damages are sought in the case, which incorporates disproved allegations. It claims that as a result of the defendants’ acts, Trump has lost at least $24 million “and continues to accumulate, as well as the loss of present and prospective commercial possibilities.” The lawsuit was filed nearly three years after the Mueller report on Russian election meddling was released.

The complaint, which spans 108 pages, rants against many of Trump’s political foes and emphasizes issues that he has been voicing for years. It alleges that Democrats and government officials committed a slew of crimes, ranging from a racketeering conspiracy to malicious prosecution, computer fraud, and the theft of classified internet data. Costs and damages totaling more than $24 million are sought in the case.

There are certain factual flaws in the suit, as well as some of the same grandiose or exaggerated false statements Trump has made thousands of times. According to the legal claim, Clinton and other prominent Democrats engaged attorneys and researchers to invent evidence linking Trump to Russia, then marketed those lies to the media and the US government in order to sabotage his prospects of winning in 2016. They were aided, Trump argues, by “Clinton supporters” in the FBI, who misused their authority to pursue him because of political animosity.

The Clinton team paid researchers to dig up dirt on Trump and Russia, and well-connected Democrats sent some of their findings on to law enforcement, believing suspected Trump-Russia ties were worth examining. However, the Justice Department inspector general and a bipartisan report from the Senate Intelligence Committee have previously refuted many of Trump’s far-reaching allegations in the complaint.

For the last three years, special counsel John Durham has been looking into a lot of the activities that Trump claims in his complaint. Durham hasn’t gone quite as far as Trump suggests. Three of the individuals who were sued by Trump on Thursday have been charged criminally by Durham.

Durham got a guilty plea from Kevin Clinesmith, a former low-level FBI lawyer who acknowledged to tampering with an email supporting a surveillance order against a former Trump campaign adviser with ties to Russian operatives. Durham also accused Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann of lying to the FBI about who he was representing at a discussion concerning Trump-Russia ties in the fall of 2016.

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