Breaking: Matt Gaetz calls for the ATF to be defunded

credit: Rolling Stone

Matt Gaetz a congressman from Florida would go off in a committee hearing today featuring Steven Dettelbach who is the current director of the ATF.

Matt Gaetz would write a tweet about the ATF “zero-tolerance” policy for gun store owners. He would go into detail explaining how the ATF has lost thousands of guns themselves and illegally kept gun purchasing records they shouldn’t off had.

credit:REPMATTGAETZ Twitter

Matt Gaetz would than explain how the “zero-tolerance” policy has destroyed the life and career of a constituent in Matt Gaetz’s district. He would also explain that he has never had any problems in 46 years of selling firearms before this policy was implemented and it was over a paperwork technicality that wasn’t his fault.

Matt Gaetz would end the tweet by calling for the ATF to be defunded.

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