BREAKING: Marjorie Taylor Greene calls for the Epstein client list to be public

credit: The News & Observer

Marjorie Taylor Greene a congresswomen from the great state of Georgia recently said on a podcast hosted by Benny Johnson that she would support making the Epstein client list public.

The client list which has puzzled many people for years on why there has been zero arrests relating to involvement with Jeffery Epstein.

Many people within congress recently have not spoken about this topic. However, Marjorie Taylor Greene called for it be released today.

credit: Benny Johnson Twitter

Marjorie Taylor Greene would also mention that she believes there should be a select committee that looks into the Jeffery Epstein case deeper including the client list.

Do you support making the client list public?

5 thoughts on “BREAKING: Marjorie Taylor Greene calls for the Epstein client list to be public

  1. for what purpose? she’s looking for Democrats she can launch ridiculous investigations against, and she would find mostly Republiklans. they’re the ones who gave to pay for sex.

    1. The only people not interested in taking down the clients on that list are democrats….🙄

    2. She is after all the crooked people, not just democrats. The war isn’t about democrats and Republicans it’s about good vs evil, the evil ones come from both sides

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