Breaking: Kyle Rittenhouse Makes Big Announcement – Reveals He Launched A Pro-Second Amendment YouTube Channel


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There is one name that is simply intractable in the gun discussion. That is, of course, the debate of gun control of which there seems to be no end. That name is Kyle Rittenhouse. Mr. Rittenhouse has been the subject of a great of of controversy and argument owed, of course, to the events in Kenosha.

Now in the aftermath of a well publicized courtroom victory, Rittenhouse has just announced that he is about to launch a new YouTube channel.

In fact, it is now being reported by The New York Post that:

Cleared Kenosha killer Kyle Rittenhouse has started a YouTube channel devoted to guns and Second Amendment rights.

The teen who shot dead two people and injured another while defending himself during Black Lives Matter riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin, started the channel on Sunday — quickly notching more than 34,000 subscribers.

“Hello! I am super excited to announce I will be starting a Youtube channel!” he wrote alongside a 35-second teaser in which he promised some “great content” to come.

The New York Post went on to report that:

“I look forward to creating content about guns and talking about the 2nd amendment with all of you!” wrote the now-19-year-old gun rights advocate.

“You might remember me as the kid who defended himself with a firearm during the 2020 riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin,” he wrote in the channel’s bio.

“Join me in my journey to learn everything I can about new and vintage firearms and help to defend the Second Amendment.”

CBS 58 went on to report that:

The 19-year-old was famously found not guilty of murder and other charges after shooting and killing Joseph Rosenbaum of Kenosha and Anthony Huber of Silver Lake, while also wounding Gaige Grosskreutz from West Allis, during a protest in Kenosha following the shooting of Jacob Blake.

Since that verdict, he has become a celebrity among the American political right as a gun rights advocate, being featured on conservative political television commentary programs, speaking at events held by conservative Turning Point USA and meeting with former President Donald Trump.

CBS 58 further reported that:

Rittenhouse’s YouTube channel debuted on Sunday, Oct. 16 with a 35-second video featuring clips where he shoots various firearms at a target range and from a vehicle.

He credits popular gun-focused YouTuber Brandon Herrera, who speaks alongside Rittenhouse in the channel’s first video, for helping launch the channel. Herrera said to expect “advice” on the channel, with no specifics regarding content beyond that.

Rittenhouse acknowledged those who have been fans of his over the past two years, saying, “Thank you guys very much for continuing to support me.”

As you might imagine, dear reader, we have done a great deal of press on the exploits of Kyle Rittenhouse. In fact, we reported about a month ago that Rittenhouse was hit with a civil suit by the father of Anthony Huber, an ex-inmate who Kyle was forced to shoot in self-defense. Huber died.

In response, Rittenhouse set up a GoFundMe page where he tweeted out that “Kyle Rittenhouse was found NOT GUILTY by a jury of his peers. The unanimous verdict did not prevent Kyle from being added as a defendant in an erroneous civil lawsuit filed in the Eastern District of Wisconsin against nine Wisconsin police departments, including ten city and county governments.”

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