Breaking: Judicial Watch and CatholicVote File a Freedom of Information Act Lawsuit Against the FBI and Justice Department 


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Under the Biden administration, we have witnessed the targeting of anyone and everyone who goes against the leftist agenda. 

From the SWAT-style arrest of a pro-life man to the labeling of parents who spoke out at school board meetings as domestic terrorists to the indictment of the top GOP presidential candidate and former president, unprecedented acts have been committed by the DOJ and federal law enforcement agencies. 

Judicial Watch, a non-partisan educational foundation focused on transparency, accountability, and integrity of the law, our government, and politics, filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit in conjunction with CatholicVote Civic Action against the FBI and the Department of Justice. 

The two entities wish to obtain records containing keywords relating to Catholics and an FBI intelligence memo that discussed targeting “radical traditionalist” Catholics that was leaked in February of this year. 

According to the leaked memo, the FBI was targeting Catholics who “adhere to traditional beliefs on abortion and other cultural issues.” 

“The leaked document has been condemned by several federal and state officials, as well as clergy, including Bishop Barry Knestout of the Diocese of Richmond, who recently called the memo a ‘threat to religious liberty,’” according to the Catholic News Agency. 

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit are requesting “all emails, Lync messages, and text messages sent to and from the following FBI Headquarters officials: Director Christopher Wray, Deputy Director Paul Abbate, Asst. Director George P. Beach, II, General Counsel Jason Jones, Chief of Staff Jonathan Lenzner, Executive Asst. Dir. Larissa Knapp, and Asst. Dir. Timothy Langan for the period March 1, 2022, to the present referencing:
· “Catholics”
· “Latin Mass”
· “Radical-Traditionalist Catholics”
· “RTC”
· “Church Militant”
· “Catholic League”
· “Southern Poverty Law Center”
· “SPLC”
· “Pope Francis”
· “Vatican II”
· “Second Vatican Council”
· “Rosary”
· “FSSP”

They also want all communication via email, Lync messages, and text messages to and from named FBI Richmond Field Office officials referencing the same keywords listed above from March 1, 2022 to the present.

The lawsuit additionally requests communications between those named above that reference “actions are taken to remove the Intelligence Note from FBI systems and the FBI review of (1) the basis for the Intelligence Note and (2) any official FBI actions taken pursuant to the Intelligence Note.”

“Our weaponized and corrupt government agencies have demonstrated a pattern of contempt for justice and the rule of law by prioritizing partisan ideology and agendas over the protection of the American people – in particular those with whom they disagree politically,” said CatholicVote President Brian Burch.

“We are demanding transparency from our government and are determined to uncover just how high up the anti-Catholic bigotry goes.”

“In a brazen attack on the First Amendment and Christians, the Biden FBI planned to treat Catholics as potential terrorists and spy on them in their churches,” stated Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

“And now, as our new FOIA lawsuit shows, the FBI and Justice Departments are trying to cover their tracks by hiding documents about this growing scandal.”

Can Joe Biden still claim to be a Catholic with his stance on abortion and child mutilation and a Department of Justice that is outwardly targeting members of his religion for holding on to Catholic doctrine?

It’s almost unimaginable, but then again, nothing is out of bounds with this administration.

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