BREAKING: Far-Left Host Joy Reid’s Ratings Plummet And Rumors Begin To Circulate That She May Be Fired From MSNBC

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One of the most liberal hosts in the mainstream media is reportedly on her way out, according to reports. Joy Reid’s MSNBC program had its lowest-rated month ever in February, losing 51% of its launch viewership from 2020. Her show, “ReidOut,” had its weakest monthly attendance in April since its inception over two years ago.

According to Fox News, during the news-heavy month of April, “ReidOut” averaged 1.1 million viewers, down 31% from April of previous year. She also lost 11% of viewers from previous month, and a whopping 51% from the show’s inaugural month in July 2020.

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Since its debut in July 2020, “ReidOut” has lost 57 percent of its overall audience within the advertiser-coveted demographic of people aged 25-54, with a terrible demo average of only 124,000 viewers in April. During the nightly 7 p.m. hour on MSNBC, “ReidOut” had the lowest viewing among the crucial demo since July 2015.

Every Fox News Channel weekday show, including “FOX & Friends First,” which airs from 4-6 a.m. ET, outperformed “The ReidOut” in April. Reid has also recently made news for a string of bizarre remarks. Late in April, Fox News personality Greg Gutfeld mocked Reid, claiming that MSNBC was “too afraid” to terminate her.

Reid’s “scam,” according to Gutfeld, was to declare everyone around her “racist,” and she had carried out her plan so successfully that MSNBC was probably afraid to let her leave because she would brand them racists as well.

“The ghouls who claim Musk is pro-hate speech invariably start with the hatred.” They can label you a racist, but will you fight back? That qualifies as hate speech. “It’s a credit to her boss’s cowardice that Joy Reid is still employed,” Gutfeld tweeted.

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All of this comes after news broke that “there is genuine conversation all the way up the chain at Comcast regarding Joy Reid’s future at MSNBC,” according to media writer Jon Nicosia. Reid has made a number of ridiculous remarks, but one might claim that she has made some libelous remarks against Kyle Rittenhouse.

Reid contended that Rittenhouse’s acquittal had a historic precedence that dates back to the days of slavery after a jury ruled him not guilty on all five charges.

“I believe we have to bear in mind, while we’re witnessing the criminal justice system at work,” Reid told her fill-in anchor Jason Johnson. “Gun laws aided in the enhancement of the design, allowing for today’s decision.”

This country was founded on the premise that White males have a special form of freedom and citizenship that only they have, which gives them the right to commit violence in the name of preserving property, straight from the slave catchers on. That’s similar to the founding of the United States.”

“You want to know why Critical Race Theory exists, the real law school theory that stresses that apparently colorblind laws in America can nonetheless have racially biased outcomes?” she says after Rittenhouse testified at his murder trial.

“Then look no farther than Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial.” “The youngster accused of murdering two guys and wounded a third in Kenosha, Wisconsin last year took the stand in his own defense earlier today,” she added. “The conditions are practically perfect for a CRT course.”

With the exception of one black guy, the white now 18-year-old confronts an almost all white jury of his peers, and then there’s Judge Bruce Schroeder, who has forbidden the prosecution from calling the individuals Rittenhouse killed victims.”

This week, media analyst Joe Concha speculated that Reid would face a lawsuit from Rittenhouse. “Right, there was exhibit A, B, C, D, and E,” Concha stated. “Multiple defamation lawsuits against not just various media outlets but also MSNBC in particular and a personality named Joy Reid, whom we had the pleasure of hearing, are likely to be the next chapter in the Kyle Rittenhouse narrative.” “As for Mrs. Reid and other participants labeling Rittenhouse a racist, a white supremacist, and, most all, guilty until proven innocent… I’ll say it in four words: ‘Covington Catholic Nicholas Sandmann,’ he said, “who sued CNN for $275 million and forced them to settle.”

Joy Reid will have her lowest-rated month on MSNBC in April. Despite the busy news cycle, Reid’s show, or whatever she calls it now, is down 31% from last April and 51% from 2020. Reid’s show got just 124,000 people in the advertiser-coveted 25-54 age bracket, with a total audience of 1.1 million. Because of Reid’s demise, CNN has been able to catch up to MSNBC at the 7 p.m. hour. Erin Burnett, Reid’s head-to-head competitor, is becoming a celebrity. Reid’s initial shock value for MSNBC has vanished. Her show is the most rapidly dropping cable news program. If you’re going to be racist on TV, the rule is that you should be a ratings winner.

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