Breaking: Joe Biden Suffers Another Major Loss, Top Biden Advisor Resigns Amid The Classified Document Scandal

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It has widely been reported that President Biden’s White House Chief of Staff is stepping down following the State of the Union address. Ron Klain has held the position since Biden became president in 2021. 

Some speculate that this announcement comes amid the classified documents scandal. Others say it has been expected. 

Klain has apparently made it known that he would be leaving the exhausting position sometime after the midterm elections. Sources close to Klain say he had talked about only staying in the job for two years or so. 

When speaking with NBC News on Saturday afternoon, Klain said, “We have no announcement right now.” 

Klain isn’t the only one who seems to be turning on Biden. The second-ranking Senate Democrat, Dick Durbin, said that Biden should be “embarrassed by the situation” with the classified documents. 

Democrat Senator Joe Manchin in appearances on both CNN and NBC said that Biden “should have a lot of regrets.”

“You just might as well say, ‘Listen, it’s irresponsible,’” Manchin argued.

No matter the reason for his departure, it shakes things up in the administration at a time when everyone is wondering what the fallout will be from the discovery of numerous classified documents, some hanging around since 2017. 

Chris Whipple, author of a recent book on the Biden White House said, 

“It’s going to be a huge job for Klain’s successor, and I don’t envy the person.” 

“It’s a relentless, thankless, difficult job. They’re sailing into rough waters ahead. Not only will it be a bruising campaign with an 80-year-old candidate but also a hostile Republican House with its hair on fire.”

He went on to describe what an asset Klain has been having served under Biden when he was the vice president as well. 

“This is a huge challenge for Joe Biden to pick Ron Klain’s successor,” Whipple said. “Those are enormous shoes to fill. Klain belongs in elite company among the best White House chiefs of staff around.

“You have to know how to run the White House; you have to know Capitol Hill inside out; and you have to be able to manage the president and manage up and down. He has a 30-year relationship with Joe Biden. They were like an old married couple.”

Senator Chris Coons, Democrat from Delaware chimed in on Klain’s pivotal role in the Biden administration’s successes. 

While most would argue there haven’t been any, Coons said, 

“Ron Klain’s talent, energy, integrity and skills have been central to the accomplishments of the last two years.” 

“He is relentlessly loyal to the president, clear-eyed about the challenges of advancing his agenda and unmatched in his work ethic.”

And of course, no statement would be complete without trashing the former president, Coons went on to say, “The lack of professionalism and raw chaos of the Trump White House have been largely forgotten in the circles that I work in. It just feels like we’re back to normal. There are grown-ups in the room.”

The grown-ups who continue to lie about the efficacy of the vaccine? The grown-ups who can’t define the word woman? The grown-ups who swore the classified documents search was over? Are those the grown-ups to whom Coons is referring? 

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