BREAKING: It Has Just Been Revealed That A Tank Coming From Russia Into The Ukraine Carries A Flag From The USSR

Associated Press

According to TrendingPolitics, Russian tanks have been spotted rolling through Ukraine the last 48 hours through Belarus and the outskirts of Donetsk.

A live stream being streamed by a CCTV traffic camera showed Russian tanks also charging through R-47 highway which is an area across the North Crimean canal.

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One of the tanks, in particular, had a USSR(Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) flag hoisted above the tank. Take a look at the tank here:

You will also notice that the tank has a mysterious white Z painted on the side too.

The New York Post had more details to share about the Zs on Russian tanks:

 Dozens of russian tanks and other military vehicles entering eastern Ukraine this week have sported a mysterious white “Z” marking painted on their sides, causing speculation on social media about what the symbol could mean.

Videos and still images of the vehicles show the letter either by itself or enclosed by a white triangle, square or circle. Other symbols — such as a white triangle with two lines on either side, red triangles, white circles, white triangles and white slashes — have also been spotted on some of the vehicles.

The markings are not just limited to tanks, but have also been seen on trucks and amphibious rigs.

Most observers suggest the markings are identifying signals to fellow Russian troops in order to avoid being victimized by friendly fire. Others have speculated that the markings could identify what company the vehicles are a part of or where they are supposed to be headed in the event of an invasion.

Because of Russia’s massive invasion of Ukraine, the attitude in Kyiv has shifted radically, as the country comes to terms with the new fact that it is at war with a country.

While there were growing indications that Russian President Vladimir Putin would choose conflict over diplomacy, many Ukrainians maintained quite calm concerning the circumstances.

A large number of Kiev citizens are attempting to flee to the west,” NPR’s Tim Mak reported from Ukraine on Morning Edition this week. “There are long lineups at ATMs, gas stations, and supermarkets, which we have seen all day.”

“Obviously, the situation is changing at a breakneck pace,” Mak explained.

In a unanimous vote, Ukraine’s parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, has declared martial law throughout the country.

The proclamation of a national emergency by the president was also endorsed by the body.

If Kyiv falls, then Ukraine will be Afghanistan 2.0 and will be the start of a new era where the United States and NATO allies are no longer a driving force to be feared or respected. Biden has offered rhetoric and sanctions so far while Putin creates the biggest crisis in Europe since WWII.

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