Breaking: “I challenge Schiff… “, Reporter Breaks Silence After Twitter Reports Reveal Adam Schiff Tried To De-platform The Reporter


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When Elon Musk took over Twitter in the fall of 2022, many First Amendment proponents were hopeful for the future of Twitter and the country. 

But who would have predicted all that has come out in the “Twitter Files”? 

Musk has allowed for the release of behind-the-scenes communication between Twitter and various government agencies and elected officials. 

The latest release shows that the House Intel Committee chief Democrat Adam Schiff of California requested that Twitter ban journalist Paul Sperry. 

Independent journalist Matt Taibbi shared an email from Schiff’s office to Twitter demanding that they suppress any speech they didn’t like on the platform. 

Taibbi posted, “Twitter was taking requests from every conceivable government body, beginning with the Senate Intel Committee (SSCI), which seemed to need reassurance Twitter was taking FBI direction. Execs rushed to tell “Team SSCI” they zapped five accounts on an FBI tip:

“Requests arrived and were escalated from all over: from Treasury, the NSA, virtually every state, the HHS, from the FBI and DHS, and more:

“They also received an astonishing variety of requests from officials asking for individuals they didn’t like to be banned.”

Why isn’t this the biggest story in the country right now? 

Why are the major media outlets ignoring the “Twitter Files”? 

The First Amendment is fundamental to a free society. It makes the U.S. stand apart from much of the rest of the world. 

Any government official partaking in the silencing of American citizens should at the very least resign in disgrace. 

Schiff claimed that Sperry was pushing QAnon conspiracy theories in his effort to block Sperry’s access to Twitter. 

Sperry told The NY Post, “I have never promoted any ‘QAnon conspiracies.’ Ever. Not on Twitter. Not anywhere.”

The journalist poses that “Schiff was just angry I outed his impeachment whistleblower and tried to get me banned,” he said.

“I challenge Schiff to produce evidence to back up his defamatory remarks to Twitter.”

Sperry added, “This is a scurrilous smear, but par for the course for the unscrupulous Chairman Schiff.”

Initially, Twitter pushed back and told Schiff’s office, “We don’t do this,” but they eventually gave in to the demands. 

Sperry said, “They kicked me off the day after Trump’s home was raided, and I was in the middle of tweeting more about the raid and I got a message popping up saying I was permanently suspended. No reasons were given.”

“Looks like Schiff’s office initially got friction from Twitter gatekeepers. Still, I was banned just a few months after this ‘request.’”

“Were there subsequent demands from Schiff? May explain why Twitter would never give me a reason for banning me,” Sperry added.

As the new Twitter CEO, Elon Musk put together a team of independent journalists to examine internal company records and report on “free speech suppression.” 

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO said, “The public deserves to know what really happened.” It’s unfortunate that the mainstream American media doesn’t see it that way. 

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