Breaking: Hunter Biden Goes To Court Against His 4-Year-Old Daughter To Ban Her From Using His Last Name

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Hunter Biden, the son of the current U.S. President Joe Biden, has requested a judge to prohibit his disowned four-year-old daughter from using his surname as she is the result of his love affair with a stripper. 

He also claimed that if the little girl used his surname, she would not have a “peaceful existence”.  

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As per the reports, the appeal was filed with the court on January 6, just a couple of weeks after the girl’s mother, Lunden Alexis Roberts, put up a case to change the last name of the child, who is going by the name Navy Joan Roberts at present.

Roberts, a 31-year-old mother from Arkansas who is parenting the couple’s daughter, filed the case in December during a paternity suit over child support settlements that had been modified because of Biden’s “financial circumstances”, about which he stated that it had experienced “substantial, material change.”

However, Biden claimed that the modification in the surname would be harmful to the couple’s daughter, but her mother debated that it would turn out to be very favorable for the girl as it is “now synonymous with being well educated, successful, financially acute and politically powerful.”

Navy Joan Roberts was born in August, back in 2018. Neither the Biden family nor the girl’s father, Hunter Biden, has ever met up with her in person. According to the report by the Daily Mail, Lunden used to work as a stripper at a club, and Hunter Biden was a regular customer of that club.  

The report further stated:

In the lawsuit from last month, it was mentioned that the Navy continues to be “estranged” from the Biden family and also added that this “misconduct or neglect” can be corrected by allocating her to the Biden family name. 

However, Hunter Biden, who is currently in the middle of a federal investigation because of his international business dealings, is fighting the appeal now, claiming that the Biden family name would not grant any favors to the child. 

Earlier this month, Hunter’s attorney submitted a motion, requesting the judge to overrule Roberts’ request, claiming that the child should make the surname decision herself once ‘the disparagement of the Biden name is not at its height.’ 

Hunter argued that Roberts’ motive is “political warfare” opposing the Bidens and that it back-pedals her attempts which she made in late 2019 to adapt their daughter’s name and any other identifying information regarding her from the public court data.

In a December 27 lawsuit, Roberts requested Circuit Court Judge Holly Meyer to allow her daughter to take the Biden family’s last name, knowing that the Navy is “estranged” from Hunter Biden’s family, and proposed that this “misconduct or neglect” can be rectified by allocating her daughter the Biden name.

“To the extent, this is misconduct or neglect, it can be rectified by changing her last name to Biden so that she may undeniably be known to the world as the child of the defendant and member of the prestigious Biden family,” said the filing.

Navy, who looks a lot like her father Hunter, is not provided with Secret Service protection like the other Biden family members have. Moreover, she is Hunter Biden’s 4th child, out of a total of 5 children. Navy was conceived while Hunter was also having a romantic relationship with his brother’s widow, Hallie Biden.

At first, Hunter Biden refused that Navy was his daughter, however, a DNA test from 2019 established that he is the father. After Navy’s birth, he made a deal with Lunden for $2.5 million following a paternity suit. Hunter is still bound to pay monthly child support and healthcare finances for the child.

In a post from his blog site, Georgetown University law school Prof. Jonathan Turley grilled the Biden family for not accepting the Navy, and Hunter Biden for not letting her use the Biden family surname.

“In an astonishing filing this week, Hunter Biden answered that question for his four-year-old daughter Navy Joan and effectively declared ‘you are no Biden,’” Turley wrote.

“Hunter Biden’s disgraceful treatment of his daughter has long been on display in Arkansas where he long denied being her father, fought paternity, and was threatened with contempt of court over his failure to supply needed documents,” the professor continued.

“Of course, Biden did not feel that way with his other four children. They are all true Bidens and living peaceful existences. It is only Navy Joan who does not want to bear the family name,” he added.

“His attacks on his former sister-in-law, Hallie Biden, widow of the deceased brother (with whom Hunter later had a romantic relationship), were appalling. However, the craven effort to deny this child his name reaches a level of cad that stands unrivaled.”

Hunter Biden has been involved in a lot of shady activities and his estranged relationship with his daughter proves that he lacks the basic American values regarding family. His radical behavior towards the little girl wanting to have the Biden family name also shows what a shallow man he is.

Moreover, this whole ordeal also reflects the true colors of the Biden family, who still aren’t accepting the innocent child, and providing her with the Secret Service protection that she deserves, despite the DNA test from 2019 which proved that Navy Joan Roberts is Hunter’s daughter. 

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