BREAKING: House Republicans Have Now Brought The Obama Administration Into The Hunter Biden Ongoing Scandal

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The Republican Party is actively requesting access to President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden communication’s records with a former presidential administration known as the Obama White House.

And as according To Epoch Times, there have been several Republican members of the House Oversight Committee that have already set to prepare a letter and forwarded it towards the Biden Administration this week seeking access to any and all contact data between Hunter and the Obama White House.

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The Republicans have stated inside the letter that Hunter must be thoroughly examined immediately because “he is continuing to profit from” his father’s reputation.

“Hunter Biden’s contacts throughout Russia’s sphere of influence have now become extremely crucial in the fast-moving and escalating Russian war in Ukraine,” House Oversight Committee Republicans stated.

“Hunter Biden’s transactions have not gone undetected, and a Department of Justice (DOJ) investigation launched during the Obama Administration has grown to cover a wide range of criminal infractions and crimes.”

And as according to The Department of Justice which is presently investigating Hunter Biden for alleged breaches of the Foreign Agents Registration Act, and maybe even some criminal tax evasion and money laundering, according to a recent report as stated by the New York Times.

“Given Hunter Biden’s foreign business relationships in Ukraine and Russia, as well as the current international landscape, we are concerned about whether Hunter Biden continues to profit from his position as President Biden’s son, and whether foreign adversaries are attempting to exploit questionable business dealings.”

“The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) may have materials pertinent to our inquiry during then-Vice President Biden’s term,” authorities have added. This same document accuses president Joe Biden of hiding the truth concerning his involvement in Hunter’s financial transactions.

According to the lawmakers, “the evidence is now apparent” that he was not only aware, but also likely participating. The  Republicans are particularly concerned since Russian President Vladimir Putin named Hunter on his list of sanctioned Americans.

“While then-Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden declared, “I have never spoken to my son about his offshore business operations,” but that does not appear to come as a shock.

The evidence now clearly demonstrates and quite blatantly reveals that President Joe Biden not only just spoke with his son regarding his son’s international business operations, but he also visited and sometimes even went on behalf of his son with his son’s associates.

“The deceptive remarks made by President Biden are even more concerning now that Russia has singled out Hunter Biden on its sanctions list rather than any of the other Biden children,” the same legislators added.

Throughout several decades, the same Biden family has experienced significant growth through and on behalf of now current President Joe Biden’s positions of public trust.

Hunter Biden must have benefited enormously from his father’s political success, from coordinating a Ukrainian energy multinational corporation to continuing to sell cobalt mineral deposits in the sovereign state of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, connecting his father to Kazakhstani oil oligarchs as well as elites, and effectively trying to prevent the conviction of a Romanian real estate billionaire businessman on bribery charges,” they said.

From January 20, 2009 through January 20, 2017, numerous papers and recorded ongoing conversations between both the Executive Office of the President or perhaps even the Office of the Vice President and members or acquaintances of the Biden family related to or referred to the Russian state or even the Ukrainian state; From January 20, 2009 to January 20, 2017, all papers and correspondence pertaining to Elena Baturina or Yuri Luzhkov came from or were sent from the Executive Office of the President or the Office of the Vice President; NARA has all documents and correspondence collected in connection with Hunter Biden and Ukraine or Hunter Biden and Russia; and any papers or correspondence between then-Vice President Biden’s office and any State Department employee pertaining to Hunter Biden’s business operations in Russia and/or Ukraine.

The Epoch Times has released statements reported on Thursday that the White House communications director Kate Bedingfield acknowledged and indicated in a close-to-call to call 2020 presidential debate that the previous presidential candidate Joe Biden was telling the truth when he declared he didn’t make money in China or other international business transactions.

“We fully support the president’s statement,” she stated. “And I’d take you to the reporting on this, which cited remarks we made at the time and provided to The Washington Post, which worked on the subject.” But, as you know, I don’t speak for Hunter Biden, so I can’t say much more.” Due to current stories that have come out in recent years, she mentioned something that can now be shown to be a distortion of the truth.

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