BREAKING: Hawaii Man Refuses to Give In to The Tyranical Left For His “FCKBLM’ License Plate

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In a new article by Breitbart, it was reported that a man in Hawaii is driving around with a custom license plate that reads “FCKBLM”. After repeatedly being harassed by the states Department of Customer Services (CSD) to forfeit it.

The saga surrounding this license plate in Hawaii dates back all the way to last summer would it began drawing attention on the Oahu streets, “The plate was first spotted in August 2021, and the city and County of Hawaii told us that the vanity license plate was an ‘ill-advised oversight’, Has any requests with the letters FCK’ or FKN’ are automatically rejected”. Wrote The Outlet.

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“CSD said it sent three notices to the holder of the play to recall the tags, but has yet to fork over the plate. George noted that the recall followed an initial KITV story over the license plate. CSD just placed a hold on further renewals of his vehicle registration and his registration is now expired,” the agency told the station. “HPD [Honolulu Police Department] is able to cite the vehicle if it is being operated on the roads.

“Though the man’s registrationan inspection sticker have expired,The car has been seen cruising around Oahu, KITV said.” “While the HPD can initiate a traffic stop with the driver if they catch him on the road, they reportedly unable to go on to the motors property to remove the tags.”

The story from KITV comes just after Black Lives Matter has drawing criticism as a way for handling of its financial dealings and tax returns. Last month, Breitbart News reported that tax documents filed with the IRS showed the organizations co-founder Patrisse Cullors, likes to splash the charity funds around for herself. On Thursday, a report surfaced that asserted that Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundations latest chairman of the board filed for personal bankruptcy on three occasions between the years of 2005 to 2016.

This whole thing with black lives matter is very interesting because you see people that will support it. Call out those that do not as racist or sexist or whatever it may be. I also had to stop popping to my head about if it said support black lives matter or a shortened version of that nobody would have a problem with it but because it says what it says everyone now is a problem with it.

After reading into this article I feel like Americans on the left need to grow more of a backbone We have a freedom of speech It’s the first amendment it shall not be infringed People can believe what they want whether we like it or not.

You see all these people that will support Black Lives Matter and you say all lives matter and they get mad at you well we have the right to say that as a first amendment is protected We are allowed to share our opinions.

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