Breaking: ‘Greatest Political Money Laundering Scam of All Time’ Donald Trump Goes Scorched Earth On Joe Biden


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Americans might be skeptical of the timing of and way that the Biden classified documents scandal has emerged, but one thing is for sure. It has a lot of layers to it. 

Following the reporting that Biden had classified documents stored in his Delaware home, it was revealed that Hunter Biden was at one time living at the residence. 

According to Tucker Carlson of Fox News, when Hunter Biden filled out a background check form to rent a home in California, he listed a monthly rental cost of $49,910 for an undisclosed property, presumably the Delaware home. 

Former President Trump weighed in on this new scandal saying that it’s “just the beginning.” 

“Was Joe Biden really paid $50,000 a month by Hunter for a house that’s worth comparatively very little,” Trump shared on Truth Social. 

“Who actually owns the house? This is just the beginning of one of the greatest political and money laundering Scams of all time. However, don’t know wether or not the Rigged and Corrupt Fake News Media will want to report on it. Probably not, they’d rather report on a 75-year-old Trump employee who did not pay tax on the use of a company car or apartment (few people do, never charged before).”

Representative James Comer, the chair of the House Oversight Committee, spoke to Newsweek about this. 

He said, “In light of the Biden family’s suspicious business schemes with foreign adversaries, Americans need to know who visited the President’s Wilmington residence and had access to the classified documents Joe Biden stashed in his garage for years.”

He continued, “According to reports, Hunter Biden has indicated the Delaware residence was a personal asset and his residence as recently as 2018. We need to know if Hunter Biden’s shady business partners located in China and Russia had access to these classified documents.”

The most transparent administration in history has some explaining to do. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is becoming a master at avoiding questions especially since her lying skills are not quite up to her predecessor’s.  

Of course, the mainstream media continues to run cover for the Biden family, but Kathleen Clark, a law professor at Washington University in St. Louis who specializes in government ethics, said that while it may not be illegal to use your family’s name in private dealings, it “undermines ideas of equality, equal access and the idea that government power is supposed to be used for the public good.” 

Clark said Joe Biden “put his head in the sand” when it came to Hunter’s business pursuits, especially during his years as vice president. 

She believes that Joe should have made it clear to his family that they shouldn’t leverage his name and publicly issued statements dissuading his family from doing so. 

“It’s not good enough to say, ‘I had no knowledge of this,’” she said.

For Biden’s part, his response to the American people was, “People know I take classified documents and classified materials seriously. I also said we are cooperating fully and completely with the Justice Department’s review.”

He takes them so seriously that they’ve been found in several locations where anyone could have accessed them. 

Did Hunter use the information in these documents in his dealings with Ukraine and China? Is the rent payment part of a money laundering scheme? 

These are questions to which the American people deserve answers. 

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