Breaking: GOP Lawmakers Demand Congressional Investigation Into Possible Chinese Stake In Critical Mining Development In Nevada

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If you’re not properly terrified of China’s communist grip on American interests, now would be the time.

They are one of the biggest landowners in New York City, and now their frightening politics have turned toward the west coast.

Chinese mining company Ganfeng Lithium’s executives are reportedly tied to the Chinese Communist Party, according to The Washington Free Beacon.

“There absolutely needs to be an investigation into whether or not China financially benefits from this type of potential activity and Congress must do everything it can to prevent this from happening,” Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Ganfeng Lithium owns 10% of Lithium Americas, making it the largest stakeholder in the Canadian mining company.

Republican Reps. Louie Gohmert of Texas and Mike Waltz of Florida told the Daily Caller News Foundation that both Congress and the Biden administration should launch an investigation to ensure that U.S. national security is not threatened as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) holds ties to Ganfeng executives.

Although Lithium Americas announced on November 3rd that it would separate its company into two separate entities, Ganfeng would still possess a majority stake in both companies.

Let’s put that in layman’s terms, shall we? A Chinese-owned company with ties to the communist party is now going to have two separate mining companies with a controlling interest in both.

And they expect us to believe that will help the issue? Only someone as foolish as Joe Biden will fall for that sort of trickery.

Lithium Americas also said that the separation would serve to address “geopolitical” concerns that the Biden administration and lawmakers may hold.

Don’t you just love that? The Chinese know exactly how to placate our liberal government. What they’re really saying is, “Don’t bother investigating us, we’ll butter you up with fancy speeches and handshakes.”

“I expect this purchase to be subjected to Committee on Foreign Investment review by the Biden administration,” Republican Florida Rep. Mike Waltz told the DCNF. “If it is not, Congress should absolutely investigate this acquisition as we need critical minerals to remain competitive with the global economy and for our own national security.”

Dang right we do! Especially after Putin is bullying Ukraine, a country rich in these types of special minerals.

“The United States cannot remain dependent on our greatest adversary, the Chinese Communist Party, to have access to the basic ingredients for a functioning modern economy. Full stop,” Waltz said.

“As long as Joe Biden is president, our Commander-in-Chief will continue to be compromised and our foreign adversaries will use this as an opportunity to exploit the United States for financial, political and military gain,” Gohmert said. “There is no question that this potential business deal would be a major national security concern and I cannot help but wonder, what’s in it for Hunter and the ‘Big Guy?’”

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